ABSA Cape Epic Mission - ZERO climb data after 2hr ride

I rode 2hrs ish today (UK Time) about 40km - no idea climb data but guess 4-600m
I know I rode as part of the event as my TT bike was changed to MTB (untick auto epic bike at login to change that if it helps others)
BUT when I log in to check the ride climb shows ZERO of 2850m - That’s the ‘mission’ info on the opening page
The ride shows on the March 2nd schedule on the start up screen with “RIDE” at the bottom so I know time etc logged in main Zwift info.
Thank you for any help

Sometimes those counters lag behind and take a bit of time to catch up. As long as your ride itself shows the elevation it should be reflected in the mission counter within a day. If it’s the same after 24 hours, then it might need chasing up.


Thank you - all a bit new to me, I know other database systems often update frequently rather than instantly to reduce horsepower or it at known slack times……….
Thank you for your help

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I must admit, I finished a ride about 20 minutes ago and my metres are already showing up:

It might be worth raising a support ticket if yours still aren’t showing.

Just done two rides on what I thought would count towards cape epic mission, but nothing showing. The time was 18:00gmt.

Any ideas

Hi Dave, I merged your post with this thread on the same subject.

Sometimes mission totals take time to show up, but I did a ride 20 minutes ago and the data’s already present on the start screen.

It can take a support ticket to get things credited sometimes, so I suggest opening one. Zwift should be able to verify that you did the metres and were on the Scott mountain bike and credit you with the distance (I think, although sometimes their back end tools don’t enable support agents to fix things).

:+1: how do I put a ticket in?


Scroll down and hit “Contact us

@Dave_Hart are you using an iOS device or AppleTV? If so that may be why. For some weird reason you must opt-in to the challenge from a Mac, Android, or Windows device to fully sign up for it (be eligible for prize)
From ZwiftInsider:


Zwift included this note in their mission details:

Log in to Zwift. To be eligible for prizes, you must opt-in for this Mission via a Windows, Android or Mac device. You may complete the Mission via an iOS device, however, opt-ins to participate for the prize via iOS are not permitted.

We’re not sure why this is the case, but if you’re using iOS and want to join the mission it looks like you will need to do so from another device (Windows, Mac, or Android).

But it says you can complete the mission on iOS, just that you won’t be eligible for prizes.

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@Andrew_Halliday and @Dave_Hart
Thanks for flagging this up. I’ve asked our QA team to investigate.

Also to reiterate what Daren said: you can join the Cape Epic mission from an iOS device. What’s happening with the elevation credit is a separate thing we’re investigating. We appreciate your help with that!

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@Andrew_Halliday and @Dave_Hart

Would you both send us the log files on your respective computer / tablets? Instruction to locate your log files are here.

On Windows, there will be three types of TXT files, and a total of ten or so. Not so many for iOS. We would like all of them attached to an email (not cut and pasted inline). Please email to support@zwift.com and ask for Shuji in the body of your email. Also reference this forum thread URL. Thanks, both!

Thanks Shuji,

Unfortunately I deleted the app and reinstalled so the log files for the rides are unavailable.



Just an update that might help - I will send the files after I have read how to do that (iPhone on charge)
I did 2nd ride of about 2 hours - checked on a PC after the ride and still shows 0m climbed.
I have checked on the PC the opening screen with “RIDE” at the bottom shows the ABSA mission and says “Congrats, Your signed up……”
Just in case it has any bearing - I’m currently climbing Everest - Just in case you can only do one thing at a time - I’m novice here, Might not be related but I believe better to mention something and discount it rather than not mention and find out later it was useful info…

ALSO - I ‘believe’ that when I first rode the ‘loan’ MTB the very first ‘sprint’ on the course I was on didn’t seem to show in the results table - left hand side of my APPLE screen horizontal format that usually flips my sprit time(s) / current placing (and I tend to be in the top 5-40 riders)

I will get those files to you as soon as iPhone has power!

If it helps Im A Halliday, UK rider , level 11 - If you can get to my data

PS - If I’m a help I LOVE free drops, Zipp wheels and specialized TT bikes !

Take care,

This, at least, won’t be the problem. The three Challenges don’t conflict with Missions in any way.

You’re also free to swap Challenges at any time, and go back to them later. At one time people advocated Everest if you were doing a lot of climbing in a session, then swapping to California if on a flat ride. But these days I think people just prefer to make every metre count towards the Tron bike, even if it’s only a handful at a time. :smiley:

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Log files sent.
How do I make ever meter count towards the Tron bike? (EDIT - Keep climbing to 50,000 on Everest - I looked it up - Sorry I was being lazy, Tired after Zwifting…….)
Thanks for your help with all this - I hope it will help others

I have register yesterday and started several ride at night, but it seems that the total climb did not accumulate automatically on the main page. I have ride some free ride and one meet up as well, may I know is there any restriction on the type of activities to gain the climb?
Thank you.

Hi @Wong_Niko.

Quick question dit you op-in to the mission and did you ride the MTB(Mountain Bike) in all those events.

@Andrew_Halliday @Dave_Hart @Wong_Niko
A few questions please to figure out what was happening on your ends:

  1. Were you able to ride the session as usual, or did the game crash during the ride? Were you prompted to resume the ride?
  2. Did you see a completion banner when you finished? If yes, what did it say?
  3. Did you continue riding in the same world after you finished to cool down? If so, how far did you ride?
  4. Did you jump worlds after you finished the workout?

Yes, I did opt-in, but at the first few ride it didn’t show the MTB automatically, but it’s working now, thank you for your attention.