Cape Epic 2020 FAQ

What is The Cape Epic Mission?
The Absa Cape Epic, often dubbed ‘Un-tameable’, is a 600+ km beast of an MTB race. It includes 8 stages over 8 days and 16,000m of climbing through the western cape of South Africa.

For 2020, the biggest stage of the race is Stage 5 with 9,350’ (2,850m) and 53miles (85km). This is tough for most riders as a single-day event. How do you think that would feel after four long days in the saddle? We’ve made it a little easier for you to complete over an entire month.

The Cape Epic mission is the first MTB mission in Zwift ever. This means that you’ll have to ride the Scott Spark RC MTB for your efforts to count.

Hop on the Scott Spark RC MTB and head for the hills! Ascend 9,350’ (2,850m), the same as Stage 5, to complete the Mission and be entered to win the real-life zebra-inspired custom-painted Scott Spark RC and unlock the zebra-inspired paint scheme for the Spark RC in game. (Once you sign up for the Mission, you will have the option to ride it.)

When does Cape Epic Mission start and finish?
March 2 - 31.

How does it work?
Sign up for the mission on the home page screen in Zwift. You will have the option to select the Scott Spark as your default bike. You will have to use this bike for your efforts to be counted. Try and find the routes with the most amount of elevation to get it done quicker.

Riding the Scott Spark in freeride, workouts or group events all count towards the mission. Just make sure you’re on the Scott Spark RC MTB.

Make sure to sign up for the mission from a desktop device like a Macbook and PC or Android device to be in with the chance of winning the Scott Spark. Apple TV and iOS users will not be included due to Apple’s sweepstake rules for its apps.

What do I get for climbing 9,350’ (2,850m)?
Prize: One lucky Zwifter will be entered into a drawing to win a 1 of 1 zebra-inspired custom-painted, Scott Spark RC complete bike. Note: the image is a representation of what the bike will look like with paint applied. The components shown will differ from the prize bike. The prize bike will have Sram X01 or XT level components and alloy wheels.

Unlock: You’ll get the awesome zebra-inspried custom paint job for the Scott Spark RC. Be sure to purchase the Scott Spark RC so you can apply the paint.

Drops: Complete the mission and you’ll also receive 100,000 Drops to spend in the Dropshop. This should help you purchase the Scott Spark RC to apply the paint to.

Can I mix up group rides, workouts, races and freeriding during the Mission?
Yes. You decide how to ride. As long as you ride the Scott Spark RC, you’ll receive credit.

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Can you disable steering? I’m on rollers

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Steering is only available on repack ridge, the course next to the titan’s grove KOM. You can ride a mountain bike anywhere you like, on any course.


all good, nothing to see

Please can you turn off automatically putting you on the mountain bike even when you are not doing this series. It’s really annoying especially if you’re rushed for time etc

Hi Simon!

There is a patch to fix this released on all platforms other then iOS, which will be released as soon as the Apple Review Process has completed. Once the update has downloaded, you should be able to change to your bike of preference and not have it change on you, as it should be!

Ride On!

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Hello, I’ve entered the mission and am riding the Scott bike accruing my elevation. I note on this page, apple tv & iOS users can’t register to win the bike through that medium. How do I ‘register’ to be in the draw ? thanks!

Hello @Jo_McCormick welcome to Zwift forums!

Since you’re well into the Cape Epic workout series, the easiest way to enter the sweepstakes is to send us a postcard that’s postmarked by March 31. Sweepstakes rules and instructions are here.

I see this in the Ts&Cs:
“If the Grand Prize winner is a Canadian resident, he/she must answer unaided a time-limited arithmetic skill-testing question as a condition of winning the prize.”

Ok, I’m from Australia and have no idea what this is - is it an American in-joke, or what???

It’s a legal requirement in Canada.

To make the chance-based contests legal, such games generally consist of a mathematical skill-testing question (STQ).


LOL. Thanks.
I had no idea!

Ive enjoyed riding the Route to the Sky to complete the mission and I’m now getting this on my home screen. However, I’m not seeing anything to say that I’ve completed the mission. What an I doing wrong? image

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I’m not sure if this is related or not - however, since the auto select Scott bike was introduced, then fixed, every time I launch Zwift, on iOS, AppleTV, or PC, I’m on the Zwift Carbon.
I make the change to the bike I want, ride, exit Zwift, and when I relaunch Zwift, I’m back on the Zwift Carbon.

It shows you’ve finished 2850. That was the goal. You’re done.

Does anyone know if the entire ride from start to finish must be on the Scott? Or, can we ride a faster bike to the mountains and then switch and get elevation credit?

I did not try to switch bikes just incase I loose progress.


Elv. counter still reads 0.0/9350.4 FT CLIMBED after 4,211 ft of climbing. Yes I am on Scott Spark RC. does one have to be on a group ride or is solo ok?

solo is ok, its working for me on my free rides