Stuck with mountain bike & Zwift won’t let me switch

I’m an iPad user and thought it was something I’d done by mistake, not realising it was a bug.
Tried two different iPads without joy and reloading apps etc, before coming on the Forum tonight and seeing that I need to wait for a fix.

You can change to a road bike.

you don’t need to wait for a fix, you can go to the garage and change the bike. there is link in this post how to change Bikes quickly in Zwift.

I’ve tried this too several times including tonight. Wouldn’t let me click on the frame box at all. Wasn’t showing any colour!

Look at the post I linked.

You need to be at a total standstill, Zero Power and bike not moving, to change bikes. You can’t change bikes while riding or coasting.

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I’ll try again tomorrow evening doing this. Pretty sure I did do this, but will try.
Could an announcement be put out on this thread when the official fix for iPads comes through please Gerrie.
Many thanks

Zwift usually post when new fix goes active. It should not be long but it is in Apple’s hands to get it out.

Also check this FAQ post.

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Once selected, you have the choice of autoselect mt bike when you first log in. This will automatically over-ride your selection unless you de-select it. If I saw that right. It’s on the upper left of the screen where it use to say, “Let’s do this.”

3 missed workouts and frustrated. I clicked on the challenge at the root of the bug to try to deselect the Scott mountain bike, but now I can’t exit that challenge. this is one of those “things” that swift should be crediting users accounts for the month!

You don’t have to exit the Challenge, there is no disadvantage in being in the challenge and not really doing it, It only sow on the world selection page.

I don’t see how the MTB could make you miss a workout. The MTB is a full functional bike just a few seconds slower than the road bike on paved road, but faster on Dirt.


Its fixed for Apple TV… downloaded new app update last night… raced fine this morning on road bike. But maybe that’s not the same as the iOS patch you referred to…

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Why? You can still ride, there is no reason you should miss a workout, the fix was released within a few days of the problem being identified, you can change bikes at anytime as long as you come to a full stop, there is no reason you need to “exit” the challenge.

Gerrie, are there any known performance inconsistencies with this bug? Like many others I have stumbled over being seated on a mountain bike at the start of my ride. I managed to change my normal frame before I set off on the Road to Ruins ride yesterday and on the jungle circuit sustained an average of 300watts, a modest improvement of my previous best for that segment of 277watts. However, my segment time was nearly 4 minutes slower! Gutted :tired_face:

Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum.

The funny thing is you would have been faster on the MTB, In October 2019 Zwift changed the rolling resistance of different types of road, so a Road bike is fastest on paved roads and the MTB fastest on the Dirt.


I use Apple TV to zwift. As of last night the bug still wasn’t fixed. Re still being able to ride. If you went to a restaurant and they brought you fish when You ordered a steak and said “why should we credit you…you can still eat” would you be pissed off at the waiter like I would be? Your response was maybe the worst customer service I’ve received in years…from anyone!

Have a good day!

I dont work for Zwift, you’re not my customer, you’re comparison to getting the wrong food at a restaurant is not apples to apples. You can still change your bike at anytime regardless of having the update.


No I wont, because they would take the fish and give it to the other table and bring your steak. Just like you can switch bikes. :sunglasses:

Make sure to check for updates manually, Apple does not always auto update.

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I haven’t signed up for anything but I’m stuck on a mountain bike. Every time.

What device are you running Zwift on? There is a patch for all platforms except iPhone and iPad.

If you completely stop riding you can then go to the Garage and switch bikes.

iPad. As a newer Zwifter trying to track the companion app, app on my iPad etc I’ll admit this bug is sucking the fun out for me. I’ve never changed a bike frame. But I’ll try stopping next time.

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The good news is now you know how to change bikes, there is link in this post how to change Bikes quickly in Zwift that may help.

You can still ride if you are on the MTB give it a try it is a lot of fun.

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