Stuck with mountain bike & Zwift won’t let me switch

Thank you for your reply but this does not make sense. Either the fix in the last version or it is NOT. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the same IOS version is NOT going to change that. It sounds like the definition of insanity" … doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result .

No, sometimes that resolves the issue that is why I am suggesting it.

Ride On!

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Nope … What has this anything to do with the issue … I thought the issue was fixed with the release of v1.046903 which Apple finally accepted to release …

I think what Mike is saying is even with the fix if the radio button is selected (orange) you will be on the Mountain bike.

Did you sigh up for the Cape Epic challenge?


Thank you for the clarification … I will try that. I did sign up for the Cape Epic challenge. Could you tell me more about it?
Thank you

You are welcome,

More info can be found in this post: Cape Epic 2020 FAQ

I have noted that even with the radio button not selected to ‘auto equip’ I still seem to end up on the MTB most every ride, even if it is not what I used in the last ride. An annoyance, to be sure, but just a minor one since it’s easy to switch to a different bike.

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So, today I had an interesting thing happen: I started up Zwift and deselected the ‘auto equip Scott Spark’ radio button, yet (as seems to be ‘normal’ at present) my avatar still spawned with the MTB. I then hit the ‘garage’ and made a swap to the Felt AR and some ENVE wheels and set out on my ride. As I approached the top of the Titans Grove’ KOM another rider DM’d me with ‘Nice MTB’ being a little confused, I asked him what bike he saw me riding and he said I was on a Scott Spark with the striped paint job.

So, that was a little odd. I know we don’t always see what other riders see, but having someone else me on a completely different bike than I was actually on (I certainly wasn’t riding the speed of the MTB) seemed really odd.

Anyone else ever experience this?

No, cause no one ever DM’d me, saying my virtual bike looks good :rofl:
Also no one ever DM’d me, saying my avatar has a nice body :rofl:

Oh well, no one ever DM’d me… :neutral_face: :sleepy:

Interesting take on this, @dot_gitignore. I do use ATV and I do force quit the app (and Companion app) after every ride. What I wonder about doing the force-quit, again, after changing the bike, though, is this: even though I am deselecting the Scott MTB when starting up, Zwift is still putting me on the Scott MTB when I spawn in game. I could then change to a different bike and exit/force quit, again, but it seems like I would just end up back on the MTB when I start up again, starting and endless cycle. I’ll give it a shot, though. Of course, I won’t actually know if I still appear to be on the MTB unless someone else comments, so be on the lookout for me!

When I quit Zwift and restart, I always end up on the Zwift Carbon - regardless of which bike I selected before I quit Zwift.
Ticket with Zwift is yet unresolved, even after sending them the logs from PC on Wednesday.

How I fixed it on my ATV:
App Store > Purchased Apps > Heath & Fitness > Zwift App > Update

This was provided via email but I didn’t do the update until after a group ride today. My W/kg had to be higher than everyone else on road bikes to stay with the pack. An easy ride ended up so much harder.

Recently, I’ve been having an issue that even after I change to a road bike on my Apple TV, next time I log in I’m back at an MTB. This happened after I decided to enter an event on gravel. Does anyone know how to fix this so that I don’t have to change to a road every time?

Hi @Ronaldo_Menezes

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This post may help.

If you un-select the radio button “Auto equip Scott spark Rc” on the start page (see pictures above). Your bike wont auto select to the Scott Spark every time you start Zwift.

While that is true, there is still a glitch going on for some where you end up on a different bike than the one you last had selected in your garage - in my case, I am always put on the Zwift Carbon.
The Zwift support folks don’t know why, and they hope that this will resolve itself at the end of March, when the MTB mission is over.

I think I found a way to avoid that situation:
I Zwift with an iPad and don’t have this issue but when my son logs in with his own account on the iPad the Zwift bike issue happens, too.
The only difference that I could find (same device, same trainer, WiFi/router…) is that I have ridden a few km with the MTB and saved my ride.
On his account: we ‘activated’ the mission in order to deselect the MTB but he never rode it.

The solution would then be to ride the MTB a bit, save the ride, close the app and start another ride.
Hope it works for you as well

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Same for me. Please can this be fixed ASAP. So frustrating.

Can you be more specific, what are you experiencing?

This was fixed about 15 days ago. See the post by Wes way above.

@P_Carretta - I was thinking about that as well, and I may give it a try on ToW today.

ToW Stage 4 is Zwift MTB only!