ABSA Cape Epic Mission - ZERO climb data after 2hr ride

@Andrew_Halliday and @Dave_Hart

Would you both send us the log files on your respective computer / tablets? Instruction to locate your log files are here.

On Windows, there will be three types of TXT files, and a total of ten or so. Not so many for iOS. We would like all of them attached to an email (not cut and pasted inline). Please email to support@zwift.com and ask for Shuji in the body of your email. Also reference this forum thread URL. Thanks, both!

Thanks Shuji,

Unfortunately I deleted the app and reinstalled so the log files for the rides are unavailable.



Just an update that might help - I will send the files after I have read how to do that (iPhone on charge)
I did 2nd ride of about 2 hours - checked on a PC after the ride and still shows 0m climbed.
I have checked on the PC the opening screen with “RIDE” at the bottom shows the ABSA mission and says “Congrats, Your signed up……”
Just in case it has any bearing - I’m currently climbing Everest - Just in case you can only do one thing at a time - I’m novice here, Might not be related but I believe better to mention something and discount it rather than not mention and find out later it was useful info…

ALSO - I ‘believe’ that when I first rode the ‘loan’ MTB the very first ‘sprint’ on the course I was on didn’t seem to show in the results table - left hand side of my APPLE screen horizontal format that usually flips my sprit time(s) / current placing (and I tend to be in the top 5-40 riders)

I will get those files to you as soon as iPhone has power!

If it helps Im A Halliday, UK rider , level 11 - If you can get to my data

PS - If I’m a help I LOVE free drops, Zipp wheels and specialized TT bikes !

Take care,

This, at least, won’t be the problem. The three Challenges don’t conflict with Missions in any way.

You’re also free to swap Challenges at any time, and go back to them later. At one time people advocated Everest if you were doing a lot of climbing in a session, then swapping to California if on a flat ride. But these days I think people just prefer to make every metre count towards the Tron bike, even if it’s only a handful at a time. :smiley:

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Log files sent.
How do I make ever meter count towards the Tron bike? (EDIT - Keep climbing to 50,000 on Everest - I looked it up - Sorry I was being lazy, Tired after Zwifting…….)
Thanks for your help with all this - I hope it will help others

I have register yesterday and started several ride at night, but it seems that the total climb did not accumulate automatically on the main page. I have ride some free ride and one meet up as well, may I know is there any restriction on the type of activities to gain the climb?
Thank you.

Hi @Wong_Niko.

Quick question dit you op-in to the mission and did you ride the MTB(Mountain Bike) in all those events.

@Andrew_Halliday @Dave_Hart @Wong_Niko
A few questions please to figure out what was happening on your ends:

  1. Were you able to ride the session as usual, or did the game crash during the ride? Were you prompted to resume the ride?
  2. Did you see a completion banner when you finished? If yes, what did it say?
  3. Did you continue riding in the same world after you finished to cool down? If so, how far did you ride?
  4. Did you jump worlds after you finished the workout?

Yes, I did opt-in, but at the first few ride it didn’t show the MTB automatically, but it’s working now, thank you for your attention.


  1. I can ride as usual, No crush at the game.
  2. I can see the completion banner as usual.
  3. I keep riding in the same world
  4. I didn’t jump to another world.

Btw, some of my friends are facing the same issue with me. The climb will not accumulate at the first few ride. After few ride, it seems okay now.

Can I confirm that Is it a must need to use the MTB in order to gain the climb?

Thank you.

Yes. For your climbing to count towards the mission, you must be on the Scott Spark RC mountain bike.

You can change bikes during the ride, but only the bits on the correct bike will count towards the mission. (I tested this in a ride a couple of nights ago - did 500m of climbing, but only 488m are shown on the mission counter. That’s because I changed to the Zwift mountain bike for a short while to test another bug.)

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I only use an iPhone 7 plus firmware 13.3.1 for zwift (lattest at this time) - Bought only to zwift.
Paired to a wattbike
On a wifi network.
My first ‘mission’ ride I did on the iPhone and so did NOT ‘opt in’ (I understand you can’t) but the system gave me a MTB , rode, saved.
Following help here I then used Windows PC and ‘opted in’ that screen now shows “congrats” confirming ‘opt in’ on both PC and iphone
2nd ride MTB

Rode exactly the same as usual, no crash, (so no resume)
I just pick a ‘route’ and ride based on time then use “Menu” “End ride” “save” (to strava)
Same world same route for cool down
Images added - These may not be in order - These were taken WITHOUT riding and appear as I would normally see them and use them.
They show the pre ride screen, ride selection WITH MISSION 0m, ride select sub screens, then one ‘in ride’ showing the MTB, menu, end, save (I deleted that ride as it was a 0m)
I will be Zwifting later for 1hr ish if you require more info - data just ask, Hope it helps, Thank you.

![IMG_0487|375x500](upload://oIod1KlOvIUcZ4889MC9LbEAtA G.jpeg)


The ride I did today now shows in the ABSA climb info, I decided to do a flat route! so 170m now show, I have checked that on my PC and again on my phone app both show that climb data.
Other above seem to mention that it took a few rides to start counting.
PLEASE NOTE - I did nothing that I can think of different to any other ride.
If someone can add the ‘missing meters’ that would be great but its not a big deal if not.
I hope someone can work out the ‘why?’ to help future missions
Ride on,

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Thanks for looping back to confirm that your elevation did credit.

The experience should be better, so we’re still looking into it on this end.

The third ride ONLY shows elevation in the mission count, Rides 1 and 2 don’t show.
Just to confirm - I think I missed this earlier with my main issue - If I ride via iOS then even if I complete the entire climb I won’t get the bonus 100,000 drops ?
I only use iOS so if that’s the case best I stop riding the free advert for a MTB! as it will have no advantage for me and currently means I have to try SO much harder vs those on road bikes.
Thank you for your time, Andy.

As far as I’m aware Andrew, you will get the bonus 100,000 drops. I think the restriction is only on winning the physical prize (bike) itself. @shooj is the man to confirm that though.

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The drops will be awarded after this campaign ends.

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Sort of opposite to others’ issue. I am on PC (signed up and ride on PC). I rode three rides (workouts + a bit extra after the workouts) on the mountain bike. Elevation gain from those rides are 272m, 1073m, and 1058m. The last two were up Alpe Du Zwift. I switched to TT bike on decent of Alpe Du Zwift, and switch back to the mountain bike before exiting. Somehow on upon switching back to the mountain bike on the last Alpe Du Zwift decent, my mission completed. I should have about 450m to go.

Signed up for this mission on a windows pc but I do all my rides with an ipad.
The first ride (like all the following was on the purple Spark) was 415m elevation but nothing on the mission sign.
Did a second ride abot 100m but no progress in the mission.
Restarted the ipad and did a short testride and the 3m appered in the mission.
After that I did a 500 m climb but still only 3m in the mission.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m having similar issues on Android. Have done 2 rides on the Scott mountain bike, however nothing showing on the mission tab. I’ve donwloaded the FIT files. Who do I send them to? Hopefully can get the metres added?