Cape Epic 2020 FAQ

Thanks Chuck.

Now if I can only figure out hope to get ABSA EPIC climbs to count and if there is a way to tell if it is while on a ride.

Zwift PC version 1.0.46903 puts me on the Zwift Carbon.
Zwift iOS version 3.11.0 puts me on the Zwift Carbon.
I have not checked the AppleTV today, but yesterday it still puts me on the Zwift Carbon.
I change to the bike I want, exit Zwift, and when I relaunch Zwift, I’m on the Zwift Carbon.

I did a couple of repeats of the radio tower, switching to a more aero bike at the top for the downhill, then back up again on the Scott and I got credit for all the climbing.
I did start on the Scott though - not sure if that makes a difference, but I doubt it. BTW, the Scott isn’t too bad on the tarmac. A lot better than I expected.

Did you get the 100,000 drops?

I didn’t get the 100,000 drops or the achievement. Riding solo up the Alpe a few times means that I got through the latest series of Altered Carbon. It was surreal.

Bummer Dave. The other way to check is if you now have the Scott bike in your garage.

I finished today and my welcome screen looks exactly like the picture you posted. I also had a banner pop up and tell me I’d finished and a few minutes later the 100,000 drops came.

Normally you get some sort of dialog box confirmation upon completion. I haven’t completed it, so I don’t know if that’s the case with this one.

One of my rides today didn’t add the elevation to the counter only 80 mtr so not to bad

Yes you are correct there is a banner popup when you complete the challenge.

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I’m seeing the same as this. By my calculations, I’m still about 300m short. I’ve had no email and I didn’t get the banner either. I’ll climb another 300 m or so and see if that makes a difference, otherwise I’ll contact support.

I’m not seeing the Scott in the Drop Shop any more. Maybe this is on purpose since everyone’s owning the Scott for the Mission.

But: Am I still getting the Zebra skin when I purchase the Scott after the (of course successfully completed) mission in April? Or do you have to buy the Scott during the mission (which is not possible in my case at the moment though)?

From the description you have to buy the Scott using dropz. I will check this afternoon if I can buy it since I complete the mission. I will report back.

I forgot I have Zwift on my phone as well :thinking:

So yes it is in the drop shop, after completing the challenge.

Yes the picture is after completing the challenge. I still have to buy it but it is available.

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Didn’t you get the popup like the one I posted yesterday above?

That is strange Eric.

Hi @dot_gitignore
Would you give us a little time to investigate this?


Sound you got a good deal, no dropz but a free bike! :scream: :rofl: :rofl:

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I also see it in my garage but it say free until the end of the Epic mission.

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@dot_gitignore this is exactly what I meant.

I’m not able to buy the Spark, only seeing Foil and Plasma in the Drop Shop.
I’ve tried both options, auto equip and no auto equip.

Check to see if it is not already in your gerage, like eric.