Tron Bike - Everest

Hey there,

So I just learned about the challenges LOL… I had no idea. I’ve been on Zwift for quite a while as well. I’m on level 32 at the moment. So this brings me to my question…

Does all of my previous elevation gain apply to the Everest Challenge or do I have to start from zero?

Welcome to the start line of the Everest Challenge.
If it was not selected, none of your previous efforts count.
And, don’t be fooled by the initial percentages. When you get to the top of Everest, it will change from 100%. To get the Tron Bike, you have to climb 50,000 meters.

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Go from zero. Best way you can get it would be to ride Alpe du Zwift once per day (if I had my way workout mode wouldn’t count for ADZ).

As a bonus you’ll get very fit, you might also get the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels a few times too. I seem to get them every second time on ADZ.

Eventually better bikes are available than the tron as you progress through the levels.


Counterpoint: the Z1 is such a good all-arounder, it’s only a few SECONDS slower than the fastest bikes in the game for any given ride type (climbing, TT, mixed) …and that assumes “best bike and wheel combo” many of which aren’t available until much higher levels. (L42 for the DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT DISC)

TL;DR: Z1 and chill.

Sorry OP - you’re starting from zero. You’re in good company at least: Simon of the now-off-the-air Zwiftcast (well worth listening to the whole back catalog) was razzed by his co-hosts for the same thing. :wink:

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