Please change "ramp up" experience points in workouts

I’d like to suggest changing the XP earned in workout mode during a ramp up or ramp down segment (currently I get either 5 or 6 XP per minute) to the same as any steady state segments (which earns you 10 or 11 XP per minute). Not sure why a ramp should be less? Since you have made the decision to base XP in workout mode by time (which I’m fine with; options would include base it on power, total distance, TSS, calories-I’m fine with time)-I’m not sure why a ramp segment should give any less XP than a steady state one. Often the ramp segments I do are at higher powers and reward me less XP than the lower power steady state recovery segments. And that’s deflating! So, just a suggestion. When I looked at the workouts in this years Spring Training series, there were a lot of ramps. Why “punish” someone with less XP per time? Thanks Zwift, I do very much love the platform, and just looking to nudge it into a better place.

Hi @Jim_Levine_DIRT, welcome to Forums. This is Fernanda from the support specialist team of Zwift. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this space.

I understand how important it is for you to make the XP points valuable in a matter of effort (power) not only distance, your point of view is highly appreciated!

Currently, if you are completing a lot of ramps, the best way to enjoy more XP as compensation will be on descent segments, you’ll earn XP for the distance with little or no extra work. Also, changing the interval lengths can help you to compensate for the XP you will earn.

However, you are right, and we can take this into consideration, I will share your feedback with my team for notes.
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Ignorance is bliss, I never knew this until now and now I’m annoyed! I guess the reason is that most of the ramps I’ve seen in workouts are warm up and cool downs which are generally easier than in the workout proper. Having said that I have done some which are in the workout and were maybe 5-10 minutes ramping from maybe 15% below ftp up to your ftp which should definitely be treated more equally.


Yeah, in my custom workouts I no longer use ramps, I use intervals, then for whatever reason I get more XP.

It’s somewhat odd to give less XP for ramps and constant power segments, they probably should just give the same XP per minute throughout the workout, or keep it at XP per distance like normal.

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I don’t think you understand the subject of this thread.


You’re right, she definitely doesn’t understand.

That said, I’m utterly baffled by Zwifters’ obsession with garnering XP and drops in the first place.

It’s probably because there are people at 2,000,000XP so others want to get there as well.

I have just over 1.5m XP but the I can say for sure none of it was gathered by specific XP farming workouts on ADZ or elsewhere. It was just whatever rides I wanted to do and when I wanted to do them.

I haven’t taken notice of the XP in ramp segments as I don’t do many workouts and when I do I’m suffering too much, but that’s a reasonable point.