XP reward in work-out mode

I’ve been in contact with support about a problem in XP-accumulation in work-out mode.

XP accumulation during work-out mode is not correlated to mileage, obviously. I observed an XP-reward of about 10-11 points per minute ridden (i.e. 2-minute block gives 21 XP, 3-minute block gives 32 XP, 4-minute blocks gives 43 XP, and so on). This is independent of mileage, ascending, descending, or wattage.

Thing is, during the l’etape du tour de france training plan (end of 3rd phase now) I observed an error in the XP-rewards when riding ‘ramps’ during the workouts. Ramping up and ramping down (warm-up ramps as well) suddenly gives half of the XP that one would expect. A normal 4-minute block gives 43 XP as stated above, and for some strange reason a 4-minute ramped-up/down block gives only 23 XP. Every time and in every work-out with a ramp-segment. Seeing this low amount of XP at the end of a ramp-block (especially when worked hard during high power intervals) is very frustrating.

Support forwarded my question to the dev-team but states the dev-team does not share the exact details of XP-accumulation at this time.

So, I would like to recommend a fair XP-reward system during the ramp-segments in workout-mode. Who’s with me? Please vote and hope that this recommendation gets picked up by HQ.

Reduced experience for ramps up and down is a thing. I don’t know why it is the way it is, but what you experienced is by design.

I guessed so, and that is the reason I post it here and make a recommendation to change it. Some workouts include a total of 30 mins ramped-segments, so you miss 150-200 XP in total!

That’s true. I’ve felt ripped off by that as well. Voted.