Where can I find XP points from a previous work out?

Is there any way I can see how much XP I get from doing a work out on Zwift?

I can’t tell you how to view how much xp you got from a previous workout, hopefully others can if the facility to do so is available. I can point you to how to find out how XP is calculated for workouts.

If you are interested in how many XP you get for doing a future workout that can be done by recording or taking a screenshot of your rider score (XP) before and immediately after the workout.

XP is just distance based right? Plus any new route you completed?

Sweat Drops are dependent on effort and such, but XP is just distance+route. (Right?)

Not in workouts

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Oh doh. Workout. It helps if you read the actual words that people are typing. Carry on! :man_facepalming:

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