Current XP Points & XP Points per activity

Registered last year, now using it in real anger and regularly. Really keen to level up to 12 and unlock Alpe d’Zwift.

Question of XP Points

  1. Where can I see the total number of XP points I have accumulated ?
  2. Is there a way of knowing how many points I earned in a given activity in the companion app?

I don’t know of a direct way via Zwift to see total XP. Perhaps someone else will respond with that answer, assuming it is possible. However, if you’re registered on Zwiftpower, it is displayed clearly for your viewing.

Your “Rider Score” is your total XP, and you can see that on the Pause / Settings screen:

No, as far as I’m aware you can’t see this. You could submit a feature request.

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Thanks :sunglasses: