Accessing Current Value of XP Without Using In Game Menu

Is there any other way to access a rider’s current XP value other than the in-game menu? I would like to track how much XP I earn in a single Zwift session to see how I am doing in the course of leveling up. The way I do that now is by manually entering it into spreadsheet or text file after I finish every ride. It’s cumbersome, and I don’t understand why Zwift has only one way to find out the exact value of XP! I should be able to do that programmatically or by accessing my profile on zwift’s website.

It is also in the Companion App when you enter your profile. On Android, click the three lines at the top left then your profile pic

I only see Drops on my Android app profile page. Where are you seeing XP?

I thought it was there with your current level

I must have been making it up because you are right it is not there.

I’d really like it to be there - I never remember to check when using Zwift! That would be a very logical place and not difficult to add.

The IOS companion app shows your level and a progress bar on your profile page. It would be nice if the progress bar included current XP and XP needed to reach the next level.

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