L56 and XP points

I have a Level question. I am L55 and have 644,083 XP (which is L56). How many XP per mile should one get if they are still in the bonus catch up phase ? And do you collect the catch-up XP if you are doing a training program (in ERG mode) ?


Here goes - this is quite confusing!

In game you get 30XP per mile (20 per KM), if you are still working through banked XP (the amount you had accrued over 50 before the extra levels were introduced) you get an additional 30 per mile.

there are two total scores. One is all the XP you have accrued - Banked XP + any you have had since levels 51 to 60 were introduced. This is the one you see in game when you click the menu. But confusingly, this is not the one that determines what level you are.

There is another score that, for whatever reason, is not viewable to you. This is the score you have accrued since level 51+ started (so 30per mile plus the bonus 30 until your banked amount runs out) this is the one that determines your level.

in your case you will still be getting the extra XP per mile but you can’t see it. the score you can see will increase at 30XP per mile.

you do get the extra XP in erg mode but these are 30 per 3 minutes for normal segments (more if you do over/unders and fewer if you do ramp ups/cool downs)

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Awesome system. So straightforward! lol

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What about the orange progress bar while riding? Mine’s in the middle right now and hard to tell if it’s progressing at 20XP or 40XP. Always found as I got closer to levelling up the 40XP movement was noticeable and somewhat motivating to squeeze in a few more kms.