250 XP on Stage 1

hey, like in the topic, I only get 2x 250 xp point. at the last gate there a normal wheel. Happens every time, all my friends get the 250xp every time.
so why do I do not get it?
best Dirk

Stage 1 of what? What gate? More information would be helpful.

Zwift Stage 1: Flat is fast
Route is temps fugit . so u ride 3 times the gate under the rocks, and every time u get 250 xp, but ni get it only 2 times.

Are you sure your friends are getting a third +250xp as they cross the finishing line.

Do they have any screenshots to prove it?

Have your friends ever been known to pull your leg before?

As an aside has anyone else caught sight of what I can only assume is the 50,000 drops bonus - and only at level 42 ?

i am in a German forum and everyone tells that they get the bonus of 250 xp 3 times.

Ah ok, difficult to tell with the results screen coming up. See what others on this forum say.

I’ve not paid much attention while going from level (45?) to 49 over the last few weeks, but I think we get 50k drops each time we level up, rather than 25k drops for level-up to number ending in “5” or 100k drops for level-up to number ending in “0.”

Eric’s article Level 100! Zwift Revamps Levels, Reorganizes Drop Shop | Zwift Insider

Thank you, didn’t read that carefully enough.

Heres the screenshot:

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i don’t how to do it, but I have a screenshot with a father, also one with 10 xp points…did the race 4 times, never had the 3rd 250 xp

It’s random, Dirk. Sometimes the XP reward when you pass through an arch is 250XP, but usually it’s 10XP.

No, its not random in this case. The race is setup with 250 XP only, but for some reasons that doesnt work properly for everyone.

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Ooooh, thanks. How fancy! :hugs:

Just checked the video I took of my race. I got a helmet when I crossed the finish.
In my experience, the finish line power ups are the regular, random power ups.

The race is set up on purpose to have 250 XP bonuses instead of power ups like featherweight or aero. Look up ZRacing Flat is Fast on Zwift Insider - there is a complete list of power ups for each of the stages on ZI.

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okeeee, and now, what is the solution?

There is no 250XP at the finish barrier, yesterday I got the Draft power up and today I got +10 XP

There may not be a solution, but maybe if you contact support. The forum is mostly for users to help each other but that’s not possible in this situation

In the interest of science, I did one of these events today and I got +250XP at the finish. It disappeared from the screen very quickly.

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There could be some backend calculation with time in the event or something complicated that is causing this to happen. Unlikely Zwift will fix this with a click of a button, so realistically I’d say no solution as the fix would probably come after the events already finished