250 XP on Stage 1

You could try Zwift support if this is something important to you.

Another tip to XP-farming.
If you do a couple of u-turns after the finish banner, and ride the last segment/sprint again, you get 250 XP when you cross the finishbanner.
You can repeat this as many times you want.
I did this 23 times in a row, and 250 XP every time :biking_man:t3:

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Tried this tonight, but it didn’t work for me. Not sure if I did something wrong, or if they fixed it. It gave me the 250XP the first time through, I turned around, went back to the sprint banner, and re-did it a few times, only got normal powerups after the first time.

Still works for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

make the most of it! last day today!

when i did it i got 250 xp the two times through the banner in the event but normal power up on the last one so i don;t think it would have worked for me either, not that i tried.

Ah man, I don’t know what I did wrong there, or if maybe it’s system dependent. Too bad, I was looking forward to cheesing the XP.

it seems like for some people the 250XP gets stuck on even after the event has finished - maybe it is a certain platform or user specific issue?

i am on windows PC and got 250XP for the first two times through the banner but not the final time to finish the event.

I’m on iPad, I got 250xp 3 times in the race (including the final banner), but then went back to re-do the final sprint segment and didn’t get any more XP. I was thinking maybe they fixed it, but maybe certain systems get it and some don’t.

did you get the 250 in the usual way (cycling through all the options) or did it just award it like it did in the event?

I ‘think’ it was like in the event, but I’m not 100% sure, I don’t remember if it cycled through things, but I ‘think’ it was just +250XP without cycling.

It’s probably good it wasn’t giving me 250XP per sprint segment, I probably would have lapped it 50 or more times - given how short that race was I had a lot of time left to mess around :slight_smile:

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