Do on portal climbs

My husband and I have not gotten a 250xp on our last 10 climbs (50 segments). This is remarkably less than the past. Has something changed?

I’ve started writing down my 250XP bonuses. Today I did 5 laps on 50% elevation, and got 6 250XP bonuses. This is slightly more than normal, but not way off.

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I’m still averaging one 250xp per climb, sometimes I don’t get any but then one or two climbs later I’ll get 2-3 of them. This is doing them both at 50% and 100%.

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I have the same experience - although nothing is being said, and probably won’t ever be said, I think there is some kind of logic to prevent you getting too many 250XP bonuses in a week on climb portal.

I’m well over 50x climb portal efforts by the way.

This might be an effort to stop XP farming which was being done by some people to zoom up to level 100 fast. It appears the change occurred somewhere after Zwift 1.56 - that was last release where it worked normally for me. There was a definite change when I stopped getting 250XP frequently.

Now I get hardly any at all. If you use climb portal infrequently then you might get big XP bonuses normally but if you use it a lot each day something has definitely changed.

Also similar theme, the spinner on ADZ now rarely gives me the wheels ever. Those give 1000XP. I used to get them nearly every second time up there.