Bonus xp in climb portals

I thought there were random 250xp bonuses at the banners on the climb portals. Five climbs later I’ve got enough feathers for a king size duvet and a few 10xp. Am I just unlucky or have they been dropped?

Did two climbs today, 1x 250xp on the first, 2x 250xp on the second (though the second run started with 4 feathers in a row, which given I was only doing the second run to earn enough xp to level up on the road, was less than ideal!)

Just RNG unfortunately.

I believe something changed around the time of 1.56 release - the big XP bonuses were much less common.

I believe (but not able to prove) that it might be aimed at preventing XP farming.

I used the climb portal to level up quickly from level 70 to level 100 and did do some rides with more than 13000XP by doing repeated laps of Willunga hill, then the bonuses stopped being so common.

I have asked this question before but the answer is radio silence.

I’m still averaging about one 250XP per climb. Last time I did a climb portal (last week) I went up it three times and for 250XP got three on the 1st climb, zero on the 2nd and one on the third. Majority of the rest are 10xp and usually only one or two feathers max each climb. Not sure if the device used may affect it but I’m doing this on a MacBook Pro.

One bizarre happening on one of my recent Alpe du Zwift laps, I got the 250XP bonus in one of the power-up sections. I have never ever had that before.

Although usually I ignore those power ups on ADZ and just get on with riding.

Those can happen at any of the rotating power-up arches, they are just super rare.

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I’m also still averaging something similar, at one point I had 4 laps without a single 250XP bonus, but since then it’s back to about once per lap, might be slightly less than once per lap. Then at one point I got 250XP 3 times in one lap!

I started writing all the power-ups down for my last 21 climb portals laps, was going to wait until it got to a larger number before averaging everything out.

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It would be interesting to compare if you do each day 10-12 laps of climb portal, then stop for a week then go back to it.

I personally think there is a limiting now so you cannot get too many 250XP (500XP if you had the accelerated XP).

Not that I’m bothered, I got to Level 100 (a few of us had a little competition) so I’m not riding climb portals anymore.

Yeah, at one point I was convinced they had nerfed the 250XP bonus which is why I started keeping track, since then I haven’t had a 4 lap drought.

That said I haven’t done 10-12 laps in a session, my sessions were 4 or 5 laps.