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After a year and 2700 miles on Zwift I am a fan.  However, during that time even though I have often received a “Large” bonus the number of points I have received has alway been10 and not the 250 I expected.  When I receive a “Small” bonus I get the expected 10 points.  Is there something I am missing or has the award program changed for some reason.

Thank you 

Why do you expect a +250 bonus?

It is a roulette wheel. It has nothing to do with your achievements. If you play the game and use the spacebar, “aim” for the +10 and you will receive the +250 most often that way.

If you want a lot of bonus points, complete ERG workouts and get the stars for each segment. You can get 1000 points for some of these.

Excuse my ignorance but I was unaware of the skill aspect of the “roulette wheel”  and assumed it functioned just like a conventional roulette wheel, with only luck determining it results.  FYI, My information about the 250 points came from the Zwift Insider page:


Posted by Eric Schlange | Jul 25, 2016 | Racing & Group Rides | 

Thank you

I’ve been riding Zwift for several months, and (as far as I’ve observed) I’ve NEVER hit the large bonus!  It must be the equivalent of hitting “00” on the roulette wheel.

i got the big bonus one time, and it’s been +10 ever since. maybe you can only get it once?

same for me…+10 each time.