Finally saw the "big" plus sign today.

(Andrew Williams) #1


(Chris Cleeland Kiss (a)) #2


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

It’s the rarest of the power-ups. Gives you +250 experience points towards your level :slight_smile:

(Shawn DeBoer) #4

Regarding power-ups - I understand that the spacebar (on laptop) activates, is there any way to toggle/choose a certain PU type or does the game randomly assign?

(Greg Woitzik) #5

I’m not a fan of the powerups, but I wont go there…

How about if you don’t use them at all during your ride, you get bonus experience points and if you do use them, it costs you points?

(Vincent Beggs) #6

Thanks for the info Eric C! Never getting that big plus was starting to drive me crazy as I thought it was roughly even chances and I was just incredibly unlucky. Now that I know I’ll never really expect it but be pleasantly surprised when I do get it. Given the number of gates I have been through since the power-ups were introduced, and the fact I have seen exactly 0 big pluses, I am guessing it’s chances of showing up are less then 1:200.

(Reinier PAAUWE PelotonRacing) #7

I’m with you Greg. The only reason I activate my powerups is to free up that slot for the Big Plus!

(Lynette Curtiss) #8

Where are they and how do you get the power ups and activate? What am I missing?

(Ted Jones (quitting Zwift)) #9

Just getting into these other features after my first couple rides. That big plus is always the second to last icon to come up, so you think you’re close! If this was a slot machine I’d claim they were rigged!

(Craig Howard WBR B) #10

Haha me too. I got it last night for the first time. I’m level 7 or 8 but I’m logging in miles though.

(Chris Cleeland Kiss (a)) #11

still haven’t gotten the big “+”, but I got the little one 3 times on tonight’s ride. Prior to this the one-armed bandit seemed to like giving me burritos, trucks, and feathers.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #12

I really like the level ideas, perhaps is the power ups did something more/different than just affecting performance, which i’m not keen on?

(Zachariah Page EVR (B)) #13

Congrats on the “big” plus Andrew. Like many I also have not gotten one yet, but won’t give up hope haha. I want to put in my support for the powerups. They are fun and add an extra element to the “game” which is what Zwift is meant to be. A great game in my opinion, that can’t be played without serious physical effort! If you don’t like the power-ups because they seem unrealistic, just imagine the following (for example)

  1. Draft boost- you are out on the road with other riders and the biggest rider comes in front of you blocking all the wind (you know that 6+ft guy that weighs >180 lbs but still manages to ride insanely fast)

  2. Aero boost- you go into your time trial position (which I think the rider on the Zwift screen should do when using an aero boost, would be neat) or even have a gust of wind at your back for a short period.

  3. Feather weight- I have not noticed this effect quite as much, but I assume you go faster up hills with less watts, so just imagine that you tossed one of your water bottles to lose some weight or stopped to relieve yourself.

To keep the game somewhat “realistic” I think it is most important that riders report an accurate weight and carefully calibrate their electronic trainers (if they are using one), because error on those ends will lead to serious discrepancies in power output, which determines speed in the game.

I really look forward to future Zwift updates and many more Zwift rides!

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #14

I’ve noticed that the “little” plus and the “big” plus both self-activate if you do not hit the space bar after a certain time once you get one. So, it is technically possible that you might get one and not notice if you are watching for it.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #15

I think its great that they auto activate. It would be annoying if you hadn’t activated it when running out of a segment, meaning you couldnt get another power up
Yes i have changed by opinion on the power ups. I think when you accept Zwift IS NOT TrainerRoad with graphics, and is infact a GAME, the powers make more sense.

I still hate the bean burrito