Special features

I started indoor training on wooden drum rollers in the 1950s and this is the best ever, taking advantage of modern technology.

One thing does puzzle me and that is the special features, for example, whereby someone can get an artificial boost of power beyond normal capability. This is almost like holding onto a team car or motorcycle. I think it detracts from the realism and training value, and all these features are just frustrating add-ons that makes for silly outcomes. Dropping these would be easier than maintaining them and would make the ride more realistic especially for serious riders.

I used to think exactly this way when they first introduced powerups, but after riding with them for some time I can see that it might add an element of fun to the game. I do think they should have “rooms” where there are no powerups for more serious riding.

One thing I don’t like about the powerups is how random they are. It would be nicer to have a strategic element. For example, let everybody pick 10 powerups to ride with and allow them to pick which one they use. This way people could pick powerups to complement their weaknesses and help in tactical situations in races.

I’ve ridden over 900 miles on Zwift island and the novelty has worn off somewhat, so the powerups do add a little fun element to keep me interested longer.

Maybe the power-ups can be related to performance, and set up as premes at various/random places around the course. They needn’t even be speed/sprint based. Maybe make some traditional sprints, and others based on metrics like maintaining a high watts/kg for designated periods of time, or riding at the front of a group for a period of time, or for hard solo efforts for a time, etc. Maybe the could be accumulated and then used at the rider’s discretion.

I think Zwift needs three game modes and three pace bands selected by the rider at login and changeable whilst riding. These would be displayed next to the riders name and also ideally on two race numbers pinned to the jersey pockets

Game Modes

  1. Free Ride
  2. Arcade (with power ups)
  3. Workout

Pace Bands (based on w/kg)


Everyone would then know roughly what others are up to…

I also prefer the idea of accumulating power ups based on some measure of performance, a bit like collecting coins…

Just copy Super Mario Kart! It’s the greatest game of all time and would translate pretty well to Zwift

And Edgar Winter “Free Ride” needs to be pumpin’ when you select free ride mode.