Game mode

(Derek Clark) #1

I’m sure it comes from my days of playing Nintendo’s Mario Kart but it would be interesting to have a game mode on a short, multi-lap course where time could be taken from another rider by using a variety of tools against them, like banana peels or energy bar wrappers or maybe a squirt from your water bottle. It would force the impacted rider to sprint to obtain the tools as they are presented along the road or to recover from having an attack used on them.

(Ron Skinner) #2

Since that would not appeal to me maybe it could be a separate Zwift environment/ world you could choose when entering Zwift because I suspect others would like that option as well… just not me.

(M .) #3

I agree, I use zwift for cycling, not game playing. I’d prefer the two not to get too mixed up.

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #4

I doubt that most of the current Zwift testers are interested in a banana peels, etc… There are already lots of complaints about “power ups”. Most people use it for a cure the boredom of indoor training and the chance to endure the pain with other people.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #5

I don’t like the power ups myself but I can see where closed 'game ’ style races would be good fun for many riders.

(J O'Connor) #6

Obviously have it separate to the “real” Zwift but I think it’d be the sort of thing people would have a game of following a more structured workout.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #7

Hadn’t noticed this thread when I posted mine on a similar topic:

It seems to me that the majority of the riders onboarding are looking for the most realistic virtual experience they can get, but I see some arcade-like effects helping to fill some gaps that are created by moving from the real word to the screen and which will compensate for not hearing people yelling, or being able to “feel” a draft or see a micro-expression that tells you that someone is about to drop the hammer. 

The UI flourishes should add to the experience of cycling, I think, and not make it something different. 

It’s a tricky line to toe.