higher levels less km

(B adBoyBubby) #1

I dont get how the levels work. I have 2 mates that are on level 12 after 1000km yet I am on 12 after 1263 km. If you read the list of levels they should still be on level 11.

I dont care, it is just cracking me !!

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Matt,

Check this guide and search for levels:



(B adBoyBubby) #3

thanks for that, It is that chart I am basing my question on if they have only done 1000km how are they on level 12 that is supposed to be 1150km ?


(Paul Allen) #4

Because you get +10 points for every arch you ride through if you are using the TT bike and you can also get powerup bonus of +10 (Small) and +250 Large):


This might account for the differences you are seeing.

(B adBoyBubby) #5

thank you, they are all riding TT bikes…got em.

(Philip Amos) #6

Basically you don’t level up based on distance its based on points.