miles per level

Any idea how many miles it takes to go from one level to the next? This is assuming you don’t get rider points by any other means like the + powerups.

I have noticed that you get 30 points about 500m before each sprint/KOM point. Given there are three of them along a roughly 3-mile route, it appears to be 90 points per lap or 30 points/mile. The levels start out at 1000 points each (I recall) but as you get higher they increase to 3000 points per level (at least where I am now at level 8). I suspect the number of points required to get from one level to another continues to increase though someone higher will have to confirm.

Some of the power ups also increase your score. It’s a marginal gain (like 10 or 30 points) but it can make a difference.

If it helps i’m about 1100 miles into it and halfway through level 14.

You get 30 points per mile.

15 is the max number of levels currently.

I’m at Level 16, will it reset after Beta is over?

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All experience continues to accrue and will applied when we add more levels

How many MILES to level 10???


It’s not about miles, it’s about XP.

This link might help you:


Also if you want to level up faster use the Zwift TT bike and choose the one of the Volcano Circuits so you get a 10XP bonus every time you go under an archway.