Points per km/mile disparity

The points awarded per unit distance isn’t quite equal. 

20 points / km is greater than 30 points / mile. The difference being ~7%.

As a UK rider I tend to prefer imperial but can’t help think I’m being short changed lol. I realise it’s not a big deal but as people’s Zwift mileage grows the delta will only get bigger.

Maybe the points could just tick up one at a time every 50m regardless of unit choice, when it’s ticking up so regularly i don’t think the imperial users would mind that it’s not at ‘round’ intervals.



Hi Ben,

We are aware of the issue and it’s on our list of things to fix but it’s currently not a priority.

Thanks Eric.

Having decided to do the Trek mission today I thought I’d do it using kilometres rather than miles. 

50 kilometres at 20XP…1000 points

31 miles at 30XP…930 points.

Having done over 1900 miles on Zwift I’ve clearly lost quite a lot of XP in that time…