Wahoo Kickr Core VS Elite Suito?

Hi all,

Tossing up between a Wahoo Kickr Core or the Elite Suito (when they come back in stock!)

I intend on moving my 10 speed cassette from my bike to the trainer. I have a Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor (and speed sensor).

The way I see each of them outlined below:

Wahoo Kickr Core
$1,200 AUD
Make use of existing cadence sensor

Elite Sutio
Can sell 11 speed cassette that it comes with
Can sell Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence sensor

They seem relatively similar otherwise.

What else should I consider? What are your recommendations?


Hi. I’m in the same boat! I’m leaning slightly towards the elite suito becuase of price and tbased in Europe. The option to get a climb in the future is still pulling me towards the core.

Noise isn’t an key thing for me. I’d have a fan on and probably be noisier than either of them.

The compact size of the elite suito once folder down is another plus for me.

My only concern is the accuracy and speed of accuracy when in erg mode but I think that’s more an issue with the other elite models and solved in the suito (at least this is what I take from DC rainmakers review).

HI Daniel and Matt
if you look in the “bugs and support” section you will find a big topic on the Elite Suito and I’m sure you may find how other Zwifters have found the Kickr Core.
Hope it helps.

Based on that, it seems the Suito is a definite no go. What are your thoughts @_Troy?

I’ve seen some friends buy elite trainers and have poor performance in erg mode. I found they were also less sturdy. My kickr core makes far less noise, erg works great and is solid. So I’ve been recommending the core over anything elite from that point on.


Hi Daniel,
I haven’t used either of the models you have been thinking about so I can’t really help there.
It’s a big shame that trainers are released without being fully tested and bug free. It’s not rocket science.
I’ve been very happy with my Tacx Neo but that is a different price point. Maybe a Tacx Flux would be worth considering. I think Tacx/Garmin and Wahoo have good customer support should you need it. My Neo has 2 years warranty, which I find re-assuring.
It’s a difficult decision, that only you can make.
Sorry I’m not much help.

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