Which trainer to get

Hi everyone.
I’m quite new to Zwift and smart trainers. After looking so many reviews I got even more confused which trainer to chose. The one that I thought it might be good for the money and performance it’s Elite Suito. Does anybody got on of them or know anything about it? It will much apricieted any advice.

That is a hard question.

This might help.

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Thank you Gerrie. It was helpful

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@Roman_Kot this thread paints a not so good picture of the Suito. Better to go with the Kickr Core for around the same price point.

I’m personally running through some warranty stuff with elite, them being in Italy is making it a pain in my butt despite their good efforts.

I’d go kickr core with my money today

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I’d normally recommend a kickr core. Although I recommended it to my friend recently and he hates his. Reckons there is an issue between it and Apple TV that makes it hard to ride. So now I don’t know what to recommend. I’d suggest searching the forum for problems with whatever trainer you are looking at.

Thank you all for the advice. Will keep looking. Does kickr works with the phone without issues?