New to Zwift, need trainer for 11-12 speed

Hello, so finally I decided to join Zwift, I’m not new to cycling, I race MTB XC and do centuries and endurance on my road bike…but so far I been using a regular trainer (not a smart one), so now I want to jump in and get a smart direct drive trainer. I have narrowed down to either the Elite Suito or the Kickr Core. I know the differences between both, but again I have no experience with either of them nor do I know anyone with these trainers. Now I know Zwift is selling the MicroShift trainer cassette that its compatible with 11 speed Shimano. I have 11 speed Ultegra on my road bike and so I know the Elite will provide the cassette, but will this MicroShift work well with the Core if I go for that one?? Also I know eventually I will use my MTB on the trainer, but I have Shimano XTR 12 speed drivetrain on it and I know for sure Core doesnt have any compatible cassette that can be used (dont think the Eagle NX will work…or maybe, again any suggestions on that?) Can I use the 12 speed XTR in either Suito or Core? I’m ok with buying another cassette as long as it works!. Any other suggestions?

Hi @Mauricio_Solis, welcome to the forums.

I would caution you on the Elite Suito, look at all the issue people are having on the forums with calibration, power accuracy, etc. I have a Kickr Core and it works great, no issues after more than 3 months and over 1000 miles.

I’m no expert on cassettes however so cant help you there :man_shrugging:

I bought mine at my local bike shop and they helped set it up and dialed my bike in while installing the cassette.

Hi @Mauricio_Solis

Please see our intro to 12 speed cassettes on direct drive trainers.

I worked for Shimano in the Retail Education group - so I am an expert on cassettes. I am biased, but a MicroShift cassette isn’t going to shift as well, or run as quietly as a cassette made by Shimano. If you’re comparing similar price points, look at the 105-level 11 speed cassettes. They’re priced very nicely, and are very durable.

If it’s been a while since you replaced the chain on your bike - consider a new chain at the same time.

None of the trainer companies to my knowledge have completed the licensing process with Shimano to offer a Microspline 12 speed freehub body. So for now - it’s best to use your road bike on whatever direct-drive trainer you buy.

I have a campagnolo 12 speed and would like to buy a cassette for the trainer I just bought, which cassette is recommended ?? I don’t want to be removing bike’s cassette to trainer and viceversa?

Hi @Jose_antacruz, welcome to the forums! Did you check out the link right above your post from Shuji?

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Which trainer do you have? If you can get a Campagnolo-compatible freehub body for it, you can basically use any 9-speed to 12-speed Campagnolo cassette with it.

I checked the forums and find very few reported issues. I’ve had mine for about 6 weeks and have no issues with regards to getting it to calibrate. I have no means to measure the accuracy of the power
but it’s similar to what I was getting with my previous wheel on trainer and within my current fitness level expectations.

My only issue is some vibration at higher flywheel speeds with not much load, like riding “down hill”.

It connects instantly, is quiet, pretty stable and it’s consistent from one ride to the next and for the money it’s a good deal. I did not pay full price.

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