Compatibility Wahoo Kickr and 12 speed cassette

Hi folks,

My new road bike comes with a Shimano Dura Ace 9200 12 speed cassette. My smart trainer - a Wahoo Kickr - comes with an 11 speed cassette.

Is Dura Ace 12 speed compatible with the 11 speed cassette? I understand it would do fine in ERG mode, less so with manual shifting as that would be as smooth.

What’s your experience? If compatible, is there a risk of compromising the derailleurs on the bike in the long term?

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I’m pretty sure that you’ll need to use a 12-speed cassette on your trainer. That will fit fine, since they’ve made the new cassettes backward-compatible with the existing freehub bodies.


Hi @Roberto_Alimonti
Yes, you’ll need to install a Shimano 12 speed cassette on your trainer. Using an 11 speed cassette on an otherwise 12 speed drivetrain is going to shift poorly, and wear out the (expensive) drivetrain.

If you can find the Ultegra-level 12 speed cassette with steel cogs, it’s a much better cost: function proposition than the Dura-Ace version with titanium cogs

Shimano 12 speed road cassettes will fit on your trainer’s existing freehub body. No freehub retrofit is needed for Shimano’s road cassettes. Shimano’s 12 speed MTB cassettes are a different story, but that doesn’t apply to you.

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Many thanks for your prompt and helpful replies! :+1:

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