Shimano 12-speed road cassette on KICKR?


Does anybody know if its possible to fit Shimanos new 12-speed cassette on the KICKR, with or without an adapter?

Hello Roy,

I don’t have any personal experience with the recent updates of Ultegra annd Dura-Ace, but according to Shimano’s website (Dura-Ace 12-speed cassette specs), the new road cassettes “retain compatibility with existing 11-speed freehub bodies”. (Good news for lots of us who will eventually move up to 12 speed!)

The KICKR comes with an 11-speed freehub as standard, so, in principle, you shouldn’t have any problems doing this and shouldn’t need an adaptor.


For people who search their way to this thread in the future: this thread is about Shimano’s latest ROAD 12 speed cassettes for Dura-Ace and Ultegra.

Shimano-made 12 speed MOUNTAIN cassettes mount with a different spline (Microspline) and for that - you will need to install a different freehub body on your trainer (from whatever brand). At this time (October 2021), I’m not aware of any trainer company that makes a Microspline retrofit.

As a bike industry lifer, I should note that Shimano 12 and 11 speed cassettes are too wide to fit old 8-9-10 speed-only Hyperglide freehub bodies. Wheels (and direct drive trainers) manufactured prior to 2013 are likely to be incompatible. Be sure to verify with the trainer manufacturer that the freehub body will fit 11 speed Hyperglide cassettes, and 12 speed cassettes should also fit.