Can I use different cassette sizes?

If I purchase a 10 speed cassette hub, can I use a 12 speed cassette on the same hub? Obviously I will need to uninstall the 10 and install the 12. Will I need to replace the freehub body? Does the zwift hub come with spacers to support all cassette types?

There is only one freehub body currently available for the Hub. It supports Hyperglide cassettes from 7-12 speeds. Spacers are included for 8-12 speed (some don’t use any spacer). I’m unsure if you get the spacers if you don’t buy a cassette with it. Maybe someone else knows.

The Hyperglide, I believe, is Shimano only so will need a Shimano drivetrain. I think another thread mentioned a cassette with HG interface and SRAM spacing but no knowledge if it actually works.

I would verify…I am still at 11 speed…

I was going to ask why not just buy the No Cassette option trainer, then realized that for some reason, they’re priced the same as the with-cassette options.

Hyperglide freehub bodies are also used by SRAM 8-11 speed road cassettes, and Shimano cassettes generally work well with SRAM 8-11 speed drivetrains. Campagnolo cassettes have variable spacing, but 11 speed seems to work OK with Shimano cassettes. 12 speed SRAM can run sort of OK on 12 speed Shimano cassettes, not perfect but perhaps acceptable. The SRAM PG-1230 has SRAM 12 speed spacing in a Hyperglide cassette format, but that means the small cog is 11t instead of 10t, which is a large difference in the high gear. Plus it’s only available in 11-50 so it’s not useful for road bikes. Riders with SRAM 12 speed 1x drivetrains that have a small chainring (32t, 34t) seem to have difficulty getting enough resistance from the trainer due to the small gearing, and if they lose the 10t cog it gets worse.

It’s a bit out of date now but some of these details are summarized here:


thanks for the info! Do note that I was (trying) to address the 12-speed jumb. I mostly know about the 10/11 speed compatibilities.

My bike is a cross 1x11 with 40 CR and 11-28 cassette (Saris H3) and I spin out downhills. the wheel has XD hub and e13 9-34 cassette…I kinda wish I had gone that route when I picked up the bike (Reven Voltage). maybe when I replace the H3.

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It’s not ideal but assuming that you’re on 12s campy or shimano you should be able to make it work, with limit screws being adjusted appropriately. If you’re trying 10-12s SRAM, good luck. The AXS over sized rollers in the chain pose a problem here, my what I know about it.