XD freehub with 11 speed cassette


The more I search, the more lost I get :slight_smile:

I have decided to set my gravel bike with 11 speeds 10-42 cassette and XD freehub body (Canyon Grail AL 2019) on the Zwift Hub. As I understand, I need to change the freehub for XD compatible solution (available on Zwift website). However the website and other threads on the forum mention only 12 speed compatibility to this body. Will this XD freehub work with my 11 speed cassette? Will I need to install an additional spacer to use it?

Thank you in advance for your support!

This is the most concise source I have found…but it does not explain everything…

For example: I have a Cole carbon wheel with a 9-34 cassette (eThirteen)…can I throw a 12-speed cassette on it?? Even Cole cannot give a straight answer. I will have to take it to the shop and have them figure it out.

To answer your question…I think you need a 1.85 mm spacer…but maybe not … i would have a few different widths on hand to cover yourself…they are inexpensive.

XDR driver bodies are compatible with all XD cassettes when the cassette is installed with a 1.85mm spacer behind it.

Thanks a lot for your explanation, Chris and Paul! I will go with the XDR freehub and a spacer.