Zwift hub Sram XDR Adapter

Hello everyone,

I know there are some discussions for this type of question, but somehow I am lost.

I got a new bike with SRAM RIVAL 12 Speed AXS. I know I need a new Freehub, but… which one? In the Zwift store I can’t find anything. So I wanted to buy the Elite Sram XD/XDR Freehub but people say this one will not fit.

Can we get a list of Freehubs ? I mean I just want to ride fr…

Thank you very much!

The XDR freehub for the Zwift Hub (same freehub as the Jetblack Volt V2 trainer) hasn’t been available for a while AFAIK. You can try using a Shimano compatible cassette which might work OK, probably not perfect compared to a SRAM cassette, and high gear will be limited to 11 teeth.

In another Forum someone told me to use the Shimano 12 Speed CS-HG710, this should work very well with Sram 12 Speed AXS - I just should put a 1mm spacer in front of the cassette . What do you think about?

Hi @TO_R3jn welcome to the Forums, I’m Oscar from Zwift.
@Paul_Southworth thanks for sharing some details, that’s very much appreciated.

@TO_R3jn I’d like to let you know that at this moment we don’t have XD/XDR Freehub body in stock, I understand how important is for you to find this, you can check out the JetBlack shop as they sell one that fits, click here for more details.

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