Sram 12 speed on zwift hub trainer

I ride with sram rival 12 speed on my bike, can I drive with the 12 speed on the zwift hub trainer?
Or do I have to buy a xdr body and sram cassette?


SRAM and Shimano 12 speed cassettes do not have the same spacing. It probably will not work very well. There are some third party manufacturers (eg, ZTTO) which offer SRAM compatible cassettes for the Hyperglide freehub body. I haven’t tried one but my nose says they are probably not great quality. The genuine SRAM cassette will probably work better. I’m not sure if the XD/XDR freehub body is actually available yet. It doesn’t seem to be sold on the Zwift website, and the Jetblack website says “coming soon”.

Hi Johan,

Paul is correct, you can use the cassette on the HUB trainer but it’s not going to shift as smoothly as your bike does when you are riding outdoors. I would reccomend purchasing the JetBlack Volt XD-R freehub body and installing a matching cassette to the one on your wheel on the HUB. I linked an example of a retailer who carries the freehub body but a quick search for JetBlack XD-R freehub body driver should bring you to a local online retailer.

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These seem to be sold out everywhere I look. Are there any other options or places in missing?

[quote=“Tyler, post:4, topic:591305, username:Tyler_Manning”]
hese seem to be sold out everywhere I look. Are there any other options or places in missing?
[/quote] Hello everybody, i have the same problem than Tyler, i live in france and this freebody hub is not available,

are there any other solutions?


Hey Leonard -

I spoke with folks at JetBlack to try and obtain one or get an idea of when they would be available and was told there was nothing they could do because - even though its the same product - its a Zwift product, not Jetblack and they suggested I speak with Zwift.

I spent several hours in chats with Zwift yesterday and basically got word that there is no answer

"I understand this is frustrating because I’m sure you want to get riding as soon as possible. Since the product you’re referring to is not produced or offered by Zwift, we have no official ‘fix’ or ‘workaround’ for it.

It seems that, without searching the internet for either the correct part or a fix maybe another member has figured out, I’m afraid you will have to wait for the part to become available."

It was suggested just to find my own un-official solution and/or just wait for the product to become available. There is a reddit post that discusses this issue as well and some folks seem to suggest just using the stock options until the parts become available.

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As far as I know, the only option for the Zwift Hub is the SRAM PG-1230 cassette, but it has 11-50 gearing so it’s not a great choice for a road bike, unless you adjust the derailleur to stop before reaching the largest cogs. You may be able to use the first 9 or 10 of the cogs on it with a road setup. The gearing is 11,13,15,17,19,22,25,28,32,36,42,50. So it has large jumps in the high gears.

Did you try with the original 11V cassette?

Doesn’t he offer the 12V sunrace cassette over the counter?

The Sunrace 12 speed cassette has Shimano spacing. It may sort of work with SRAM but probably not very well. The PG-1230 is a SRAM 12 speed cassette designed to fit on a Shimano freehub.

I also have a SRAM Rival setup. I was lucky enough to source a JetBlack Volt XD-R freeehub. I bought the last one in stock from Universal Cycles in the US. I’ve installed it correct (correct torque, etc), and I’m getting some vibration in the harder gears. It happens in cogs 10-12. I’m wondering if this happens to anyone else with a similar setup or with the sunrace cassette.

I just got the hub and put on an nx eagle HG compatible cassette I already had. Had to adjust b screw a significant amount and while shifting improved I to am getting a bit of grinding in high gears. Do you by chance run the spacer with the XD cassette? I know it is required to run an eagle cassette on an XDR free hub. Zwift site says it’s not required for a 12 speed cassette but I wonder if it would improve chain line a bit. Also of note without spacer I found that the trainer casing interferes with the upper derailleur pulley when trying to shift into the dinner plate. Shouldn’t be an issue but something to note.

I am not using a spacer. I’m using the SRAM 12 spd XG-1250 10-36T cassette. I did add a little more freehub grease to the pawls, and it seems to be slightly better. I might try even more grease.

Greetings! Not the original poster here, but just thought I might give a derivative on why this cassette choice might be important. In my case, I have two trainers with my road bike (Cannondale Synapse Carbon) set up on one trainer, and my recumbent trike sitting next to it on the Zwift Hub.

My recumbent trike is a heavily modified Catrike 700 running SRAM Force eTap with the 10-50 cassette in back. I’ve operated with a standard road bike 10-33 before on the trike. Trikes are significantly more difficult on long uphill rides, so that gear range is not the most pleasant experience. The 10-50 allows a massive range of gears, and the ability to stay at 18+ mph up short hills, with sufficient speed and gear prep.

Like the original poster, I just ran into the whole freehub fiasco. I’ve sent a note off to Zwift Hub tech support looking for a solution. If necessary, I’ll just switch trainers since the TacX Neo 2T the road bike is using already has the necessary components. The only problem with that trainer is that the angle of the legs interferes with the chain on a recumbent - even rocking a short cage on the derailleur. That’s what I was hoping the Zwift Hub would solve for me.


First off, I’ve come to find out that the preinstalled SunRace cassettes on Zwift Hub are not compatible with SRAM Flattop chains. Not a huge deal, but then I learned there’s no option to swap the preinstalled Hyperglide freehub body for a XDR compatible freehub body. So those of us SRAM AXS Rival/Force/Red users are completely screwed?

Secondly why does Zwift state in countless places on their website that Zwift Hub is “SRAM-compatible” when that’s at best, partially true? If Zwift Hub is not compatible with Flattop chains and/or XDR freehub bodies, shouldn’t that be mentioned somewhere? Anywhere?

Lastly, why does Zwift showcase a bike running a SRAM Rival AXS groupset if the Flattop chain and/or Rival cassette (with XDR freehub body) are not in fact compatible with Zwift Hub?

It seems like the only solution is to buy a JetBlack XDR freehub body, but they’re completely sold out. Zwift, why don’t you sell/provide a XDR freehub body?


Greg with a $500 giant paperweight

Yeah, the advice given on the “Need help choosing the right cassette?” pop-up is… just wrong. It would only make sense if the XD/XDR freehub body were an option, which it currently isn’t as far as I know.

My guess as to what’s going on here…

  • There are no third-party (cheap) SRAM AXS 12speed road cassettes.
  • Branded cassettes aren’t cheap. (Shimano/SRAM).
  • The Zwift Hub is priced very aggressively.
  • Supplying the trainer with a ‘branded’ cassette would cut into margins, a lot.
  • I’ve been told Zwift have tested and are happy with the performance of the SunRace 12 speed cassette and SRAM AXS flattop chains. (It’s not a combination I’d personally use or recommended due to the physical differences in chain roller size).
  • Zwift have used an AXS flattop chain equipped bike in their marketing… which is a little awkward for those with an eye for detail.
  • It’ll likely work ok-ish… but that’s something an AXS owner will need to decide.
  • … and here we are.

Where to from here…?

  • If there was a cheaper alternative for third-party SRAM AXS road cassettes, it’d be a win for Zwift.
  • Offer the ZwiftHUB with an XDR freehub without a cassette. (if they don’t already?)

Both of the above may involve having to pay license fees to SRAM…

tldr; It’s just an awkward position of differing ‘standards’ and Zwift selling a really cheap trainer. I’d love to see a better solution.


My guess is they just don’t have availability of that part currently, as JetBlack has it on their website “coming soon”.

But none of this explains why they recommend that a rider with an XD/XDR bike should buy the Hub sans cassette, because they won’t be able to install it.

So I reached out to JetBlack and they won’t even sell me a XDR freehub body:

Are Sensah cassettes compatible with SRAM AXS 12sp? I know a couple of pretty reliable folks who have found their complete Sensah groupsets to be surprisingly okay. I know they make 12sp HG cassettes, 11-28/32/34. Not sure if they play nicely with AXS.

Hello Michael,

Can you tell me about the installation you did?

I can’t adapt the freehub body xdr with the cassette, the thru axle which is screwed does not retain the cassette …

How did you proceed?

thank you in advance,