Is Zwift Hub One still have a freehub compatible with cassettes?

Does the Hub One still have a freehub compatible with 12-speed cassettes? If I buy the Hub One rather than Hub Classic, I would like to potentially go back to cassettes.

On the GPLama video he dismantled the hub and it’s just a cog with plastic “spacers” over a standard Shimano freehub, so the answer is “yes”.

Why didn’t Zwift then just add the “One” option to the Classic’s menu of cassette options?

Good point, but then they’d be needing to list the Click as a separate option? I’m not suggesting that’s a bad idea but might explain part of the thought process

So, the only way to use the Hub One with a regular Casette is dismanteling the Zwift Cog???

It’s not really dismantling, you’re just removing the one-cog cassette and installing one that you prefer. Not very different from buying a trainer that doesn’t come with a cassette. It’s about as much work as changing a tire.

And then it’d work as a regular one using the bike gears and so?

Yes it’s a normal 11 speed Hyperglide compatible freehub body on the trainer, so you can use any Shimano-compatible Hyperglide cassette on it. This article on the Wahoo site explains which spacers will be needed for 7 speed or 8-10 speed cassettes. 11 and 12 speed cassettes would not need a spacer. (Wahoo trainers have the same type of freehub as the Zwift Hub.)