10 speed Wahoo Kickr Core with a 11 speed bike?

Hello guys,

I would need your help please as I cannot reach someone from the Zwift team.

I just bought a Wahoo Kickr Core with 1year Zwift included. The only in stock was the 10 speed version, that I bought without any thinking.
I see now that my bike is a BH G7 Pro with a 11 speed cassette…
I tried to cancel my order but it is not possible.
So my new home trainer will come in 2 days at my home.

My question is : do you think that it is better that

  • I keep the HT I will receive, I sell the 10s cassette and I buy a 11s one. Will this be adaptable perfectly?
  • I return the Home trainer to Zwift but I will loose the 25€ shipping, and I dont know where the version 11 speed will come back in stock?

thanks a lot for your help

Hi @Adrien_Arrighi, welcome to the forums!

No need to return it, just get the correct cassette and swap it out. If you have the tools it is a very simple process.

Hi Mike

Thanks a lot for your response.
Will I need to have an adapter for having a 11-speed cassette or not?
from what I read on internet, it would be necessary to have a 1,8mm spacer or something like this?


I don’t believe you would need a spacer for an 11 speed cassette, but refer to the Wahoo user manual.

The freehub on the Core is 11 speed, so a spacer is needed to use an 8-10 speed cassette. The 11 speed cassette won’t need it.

Super, guys,
so in that case I just need to get a 11-speed cassette and it should be fine,
thanks a lot for your help