Wahoo Kickr cassette


I am recieving my Wahoo Kickr v5 today.
However, I use a v standard basic bike, which has Microshift 9 speed cassette.
I was thinking of taking it off my tyre to install it on the trainer.
The shop said that it would work out without any issue since the cassette is a standard one but after reading on Wahoo support, I am wondering if it’s really gonna work out?
The fact I use a 9speed standard cassette instead of the 11, will it require additional spacers or is everything I need included in the box.

Thanks in advance.


You’ll need a 1.85mm spacer for installing a 9speed cassette on a 11speed freehub.

I think the spacer comes with the kickr.

Awesome, I’m glad I will be able to use it from day 1 then if the spacer is included! :smiley:

This is from Shimano: “ Shimano Cassette SpacersFor use on 11-Speed freehub body with 9 or 10-Speed cassette
Using 10-Speed cassette on 11-Speed freehub body requires both 1.85mm (FW8991) and 1.0mm (FW4671) spacer
Using 9-Speed cassette on 11-Speed freehub body only requires 1.85mm (FW8991) spacer“. I haven’t verified this info personally.