Triban RC 100 (zwift)

Hi all

newbie here, i have a triban RC100 (beginers bike) its got 7-speed Shimano A050. Want to get into indoor zwift and was looking at the zwift hub trainer or wahoo kickr core, would my bike work with these trainers, sorry if this is a stupid question help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Also interested in this - got one of those for my child too.

I would measure the rear axle width to see it is a standard width - it’s a quick release axle and hopefully is 130mm wide.

Cassette - you can get a Shimano 7-speed cassette CS-HG200-7 which needs a spacer to fit a modern HG 11speed freehub - actually a 4.5mm and a 0.85mm spacer both. Cassette goes on trainer freehub and bike on trainer :grinning: hopefully

Thanks very much for your reply Magnus, although that sounds a bit to complicated for me thanks again buddy

Wahoo has guidance on using 7 speed cassettes