Zwift Hub: Bike not expensive to find


I have a Swift hub, but I no longer want to put the bike on it and take it off when I go out on the road.

Would you know which cheap bike I can put on the Zwift Hub? It will stay on the Zwift Hub permanently

Any idea about Triban RC100?

It’ll work. You can either use extra spacers to make the 7 speed cassette fit the trainer, or you can use the Cog + Click for virtual shifting. That would also address any issues with the gearing being rather low (44x12 high gear). It would also give you more than 7 gears which would probably be nice to have. If the 7 speed chain is too wide for the Cog you could install an 8 speed chain on it.

Personally I am not a fan of 7 speed road bikes with wide a gear range on the cassette since the jumps between gears are too big.

This Wahoo document describes what you need to install a 7 speed cassette. Same info applies to the Hub.

I just buy the Zwift Gog AND Click for my zwift Hub.

I also have the opportunity to buy the RC100 at 230eur. According to your answer, This bike will be perfect? Could you confirm?

It looks like a good option. A few people have mentioned that it works. I have not tried it personally.

In another recent thread someone asked about the Van Rysel Triban Women’s Easy bike which looks even better. If it fits that sounds like a better option. There is no such thing as a “women’s” bike aside from fit. It’s just a bike.

I see is because this is a 8 speed bike.

Yes 8 speed and better shifters. Not that you need shifters or 8 speeds with the Hub One, but if you ever ride it outdoors or want to sell it, it will be a better choice.

I understand. In my case i already have a bike to go out. This new bike will be only for the Zwift hub cog. Thais Is why i look for something cheap.

The Van Rysel Easy Bike Woman Is 400eur for New Bike (buy in a shop)

I will take the bike at 230eur rc100 (used Bike)

Keep you in touch about the final result AND feeling

The other thing to consider is that virtual shifting is not 100% reliable. I don’t know if you’ve used it already so maybe this is not a factor, but if virtual shifting does not work well, you can still put a cassette on the trainer and shift mechanically. 8 speed will be better in that case. Virtual shifting also only works with Zwift, so if you ever want to use a different app, you will have to live without it.

100% reliable is because the Bike chain is too big or different?

In see in some comments that the Bike chain has to be changed for those model.

Alright let think more time before buying

The shifter is a wireless device paired to whatever you are running the game on. It is subject to wireless interference, bugs in Zwift, firmware problems, battery charge level in the shifter, hardware problems with the shifter such as poor battery contact or sweat infiltration, etc. For some people it works great so I don’t try to talk you out of it, but it’s nice to have the option to put a cassette on the trainer and have the shifter be optional.


If i understand well, i can have these wireless problem or other things event with a Bike with 8, 9 or 10 speed?

The thing is in case if problems, in can switch to the real shift?

Yes if you have problems with the virtual shifting, you can install a cassette on the trainer. If you do that, you’ll have a better experience with more gears.

Well understood, thank you

One more thing about the screenshot above from zwift website.

In can see that they ask for a compatibility with cog for Bike with gears 8 to 12.

I’m little confuse because de rc100 have only 7 gears.