Zwift Hub Compatibility with Triban Grvl 120

Hi Zwifters,

I’m new and right now I didn’t start training with Zwift. Actually I’m totally in the beginning, but I really wish to join Zwift.
For that I need/want to buy a smart trainer. I have a bike, the Triban Grvl 120 from Decathlon, because I started with bike packing last year. Now I’m not sure if this bike is compatible with the Zwift Hub or the Wahoo Kickr Core.
I don’t think I’m familiar with all the technical details and it’s hard for me to find out on my own. So maybe one of you can help me? On the Decathlon product page my bike has a 10 speed cassette (11/13/15/18/21/24/28/32/36/42). Can I use the 10 speed cassette pre-installed on the Zwift hub or should I buy the Microshift cassette from my bike and install it directly on the Zwift hub to make it work?
Or are there any other technical issues I might encounter with my bike?

Thank you already for your help!

It should work fine with the 10 speed cassette that comes with the Hub (assuming you make some minor derailleur adjustments). There is no savings if you buy the Hub without a cassette, so you may as well get it with the 10 speed cassette and see how it goes before considering buying a cassette. The higher gearing of the 11-28 cassette will probably be more appropriate for Zwift, but it all depends on how strong you are.

Your bike has relatively low gearing (38 tooth chainring) so it’s possible you may end up running out of gears when you are trying to put out maximum power on flat roads. If that turns out to be a problem you may be able to fit a larger front chainring, or you can use the QZ app ( to provide virtual gears and increase the resistance with your 38t chainring. Return to the forum for more advice if that happens.

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Hi, as I have a Grvl 120 as well, I’m curious as to your experience using the bike with Wahoo Kickr Core or Zwift Hub. Thanks!