Kickr Core - Please help me decide

Hi, I’m completely new to cycling, so I apologize in advance for the stupid questions I’ll ask.

I will buy a Kickr Core, to use with a Decathlon Triban RC120 bike (Microshift 2x8 cassette, 11-34T, quick release).

Since I will only be using the bike indoors, I think I have three options:

  • get the Kickr with 8-speed cassette included for €630. Unfortunately the cassette is 11-28, so I’m not sure if it will work with my bike.

  • buy the Kickr without a cassette (€500), take the cassette from the bike and mount it on the Kickr

  • buy the Kickr for €500 and an 8spd 11-34 cassette for €15; Shimano CS hg31 / HG41 / HG51 seem to be the only options available but they are marketed as MTB cassettes; will it cause any problems?

What do you think would be the best option, considering I know nothing about bicycle mechanics? I know that the €630 Kickr package includes a 1 year Zwift subscription, but I don’t consider that in my decision, because I think I’ll use Rouvy.


The 11-28 cassette will work with your bike, as will the Shimano cassettes you mentioned. If you don’t intend to use Zwift, I would shop for the trainer with no Zwift subscription (and probably no cassette) at all of the cycling equipment suppliers that serve your market.