Kickr Core compatible with my bike?

G’afternoon! Last time I bought a trainer (Tacx Flux) users on this forum were very helpful in helping me identifying whether it would work with my bike.

I’m now looking to upgrade to a direct drive - the Kickr Core in particular. Thing is, despite having watched numerous YouTube videos I’m still uncertain how bikes and trainers work in regards to direct drive models and cassettes.

I have a Voodoo Limba, which was the cheapest bike I could afford during lockdown:

halfords dot com /bikes/adventure-bikes/voodoo-limba-mens-adventure-bike—52-54.5-57cm-frames-445554.html

My specific question is whether I should use my bike’s existing 8-speed Shimano cassette on it on the Kickr Core (a slightly cheaper option as I can pick up a second hand Core that doesn’t come with a cassette), or whether I should buy a new Core and use the cassette that comes with it.

I don’t quite understand whether it’s an advantage to use your bike’s existing cassette or not. I’ve read that it is an advantage as your cassette will match your bike’s gears.

However, if I used the cassette that comes with the Core, would that still work? And would it offer a superior experience due to having more than 8 gears?

Yes, I am comically clueless. Any insight much appreciated! Thanks.

to use an 11-speed cassette you would need to update the shifter/derailleur on your bike. You can use an 8-speed cassette on the Core but you would need to get spacers. I am sure there is an how-to-do somewhere on the net.

Hi @Kane_Fulton,
My advice: buy it at a local bike shop and have them help you install the correct cassette. I have a Kickr Core and have been very happy with it.

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i just put a 9 speed cassette on my kickr 2020 and didn’t need any spacers. you might be able to get a spacer free or very cheap from a bike shop; i think they come with new cassettes and aren’t always used.

note that getting your cassette off your wheel will require a cassette key and a chain whip – if you don’t have those you will need to go to the bike shop.

this is the sort of thing a bike shop might do on the spot for you if you brought it in – it’s not a ton of work.

Thanks for the replies so far everyone! Really helpful - I’m going to buy a cassette key and chain whip to remove the 8-speed cassette from my current bike and put it on the Core. I’ve just watched a YouTube video and it looks relatively straightforward.

As you say Dan, I’ll see when the Core arrives whether or not I’ll need spacers. If I do, I can pop down to the local bike shop to see what they will recommend.