KickR cassette newbie Q

Newbie here. Was going to order KickR but saw it comes with 11 speed cassette. I need 10 speed (Integra 6700) for the bike I will be using. I assume the trainer will not work well with the 11 speed. Any option to order with a ten speed? I cannot find it on the site.

Clearly you will need to buy a new bike that has 11-speed shifting!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As far as I know, the Kickr will come with the 11-speed cassette, and there aren’t any options for them to change it out to 10-speed. So, your option would be to just buy a separate one from your LBS or online and use that instead of the one they send to you. Alternatively, you could purchase the Kickr Core, which does not include a cassette, and then just buy whatever cassette you want to go with it. Also, and this would be for you to decide, you might just want to buy a 105 cassette, instead of Ultegra. It will have the same spacing but save you a few bucks.

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Thanks for the quick reply Nigel. I will show your response to my wife and am sure that will seal the deal for me on a new bike!!!

Thank you for the advice re the Core. I am truly. Newbie - actually looking at this set-up as an alternative to spin classes and a way to keep active indoors while we wait for Florida to stop increasing the COVID numbers. I really appreciate your help.

I started using Zwift in January of 2019 and, personally, I think that after you start using it you will never go back to a spin class. Zwift is always available, has a ton of different workout options, as well as group rides and races and just ‘go for a ride’ if you want. You get to ride ‘with’ people from around the globe, and I find it very immersive. Zwift will also work GREAT for those horrid, humid Florida days! Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve, as with anything new, and come back to the Forum to search for and/or ask any questions you may have.

Welcome aboard!

Your ten-speed bike will work fine on a KICKR. You just need to add your own ten-speed cassette and the thin shim that adapts an eleven-speed hub for a ten-speed cassette.

That shim will come in the box with the 10 speed cassette, or your local bike shop will sell one to you for a buck or so. If you don’t already have the tools, either have the bike shop put the new cassette and shim on for you, or buy the chain whip etc. from them and do it yourself.

Just pull out a cog and insert the spacer. I think it comes with one. My H3 did … but no cassette.

Thanks to all. I plan to stop by my local bike shop this afternoon re options (short of a new 11 speed bike). Looking forward to getting set up.