Cassette Advice Kickr Core 1x Gravel Bike

Just about to pull the trigger on a Kickr Core and will be using my Whyte Gravel Bike. Set up is 1x44T with an 11sp SunRace CSMS8, 11-42 Cassette.

I dont want to have to keep making setup changes to the bike when swtiching between trainer and road.

Would I have any issues with Zwift I install the exact same cassette on my KICKR.

If this is not ideal would I get away with the same cassette in an 11-36?

Thanks in advance

Hi Steve - physically, you should be fine. I have the normal Kickr, not the Core, but believe fitting wise these are fairly similar. I’d highly recommend a new cassette for trainer as its a pain in the **** changing cassettes.

From a spinning out perspective …you might get away with it depending on how fast you go in Zwift.
I just chucked your 44t chainring and a bigger one into online calc and comparing against my last Zwift sprint, if I had your gearing, I would spin out. But to give you perspective (as an upper Cat C rider), I could probably comfortably keep in the front group of most races as it would only be the sprint that I’d hit any limitations from cassette/chainring …from

Workouts use ERG so you never change gear so you will be find with those rides, and on hills you can play with Trainer Difficulty to avoid spinning out descending, and some even resort to adjusting wheel size in the Wahoo app to help them solve this problem (a lot of people ask the question you are but with ~32t chainrings from their mtb’s).

Thanks Dean, appreciate your response.

The Kickr went out of stock at Wahoo, A LBS has some due next week possibly and they also have the Direto XR available now. Just trying to decide whether to wait of get the XR

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