Kickr Core 11 Cassette

It seems as if the 11 cassette only shifts a few, skips some, or does not shift. The rear tire had 11, could I have miscounted being new to this? I feel like the easiest gear is as hard as the hardest gear. I’m not a wizard at mechanical items but clearly I have missed something.
I did the spindown and it checked out fine but would it verify correct resistance, etc.?

Can you please provide a little more detail around your setup. Also, make sure that your bike is seated in the dropouts and the frame is not angled slightly.

The bike is seated. Do I need a front wheel stand? I have one; cannot tell a difference.
I have an 11 cassette on my Cervelo P3. I purchased the same for Wahoo. It only shifts 7 gears. One gear it does not shift. Another gear it skips entirely. I’ve watched troubleshooting videos; it seems like the bike is not recognizing the lower gears.
Also, the resistance is not normal. Seems to be much more difficult on all gears and/or no resistance whatsoever on the higher gear. I’m certain it is “user error” and this user is exhausted and I haventridden yet tah hah haaa.


Ok, well if both your road wheel and your kicker core are 11 speed then they should be interchangeable. You may need to adjust, “index” , the rear derailleur so that the chain aligns better with the cassette in the trainer. That would cure your rough shifting but first you need to insure that your bike is fully seated in both dropouts.
With regards to resistance on Zwift make sure you have selected “Power Source “ and your trainer on Zwift so that Zwift reads power, speed and cadence from the trainer.
Ride a course with some hills and see if you notice the resistance changing as you pedal.

Old chain and new cassette could be the problem?!

Yes, a stretched chain on a new cassette could cause problems. Also make sure the cassette is installed correctly. All the cogs are facing the correct way and the lock nut is tightened. There should be no wiggle on any of the cogs.

What about the spacers? Is there a wrong way to do it?

Also, why won’t my bike shift all the gears down?

Spacers can go on either way. At this point you may wish to bring your trainer with the cassette to a local bike shop or have a friend who is knowledgeable in bicycle mechanics take a look.

My derailer is messed up. At the shop now. Super bummed!

Thank you for your help.


I am sure the shop will sort it all out for you in no time. Please let us know what the problem ends up being and what they think caused it.