Wahoo Kickr Core Query

Hey, I’m new here so apologies if this is a silly question!

Just purchased the 12 speed Wahoo Kickr Core with the year Zwift membership. It hasn’t arrived yet but I’ve got a question. I’m new to road cycling and I’ve purchased a Giant Bike with 105 di2 and it’s 11/36 on the cassette. Will this work with the Wahoo 11/30 cassette?

Again, just finding my feet so sorry if it’s silly.

Hi @Ryan_Light, welcome to the forums.

You will want to match the cassette on the trainer to the same one that is on your bike. Or if you don’t plan on riding the bike outdoors and it will just stay on the trainer, then remove the cassette from the rear wheel of the bike and put it on the trainer (this requires some special tools, might be better to take it to the bike shop where you got the Giant)

It will quite likely be OK to leave the 11/30 cassette on the trainer. Your chain length on the bike might be a tad longer than ideal for the 11/30 but it will probably be OK. You may have to adjust your indexing a bit (true with any wheel off trainer and if you have multiple wheel sets) and/or adjust the b-limit screw, but I would suggest just giving it a go.

If you don’t have any bike tools yet, consider getting a reasonable starter set or just get a chain whip and cassette lock ring removal tool. This will allow for swapping cassettes around if needed. The Park Tool YouTube channel is your friend for lots of how-to videos.