HELP finding compatible bike

Sorry everyone but I’m new to cycling and I’m absolutely clueless. I just got the Zwift Hub One trainer but I’m confused as to what road bike is compatible. Can anyone point me in the direction of an affordable/entry level road bike which I can use with Zwift?

Where are you located?

Feel free to post questions about any bikes you’re looking at.

Thanks Paul. I’m in the UK. Was looking at these ones from Decathlon:

Van Rysel Women’s Ride Bike Triban Easy

Basis Tourmalet 14 Adults Bike

The Van Rysel looks like much more of a real road bike for not a lot more money. It has an 8 speed drivetrain and proper shifters so that would be my choice.

The Basis Tourmalet has a 7 speed drivetrain and the kind of shifters I expect to see on really cheap department store bikes. The £50 greater cost of the Van Rysel looks like money well spent to me.

Either bike should fit the trainer. The Cog on the Hub One is designed for 8-12 speed chains. If the Basis Tourmalet has a 7-speed chain that’s too wide for the Cog you might find it rubs on the plastic guides. If that happens you could install an 8 speed chain on it and it would probably be fine.

Thanks for your help Paul :+1:

Hi @Nadz99, thank you for reaching out to us on the forum. Paul has given some good advice.

We have a list of components that are compatible in our Zwift Hub Bike Compatibility guide.

The biggest things to keep in mind are your cassette speed, frame size, axle type, dropout size, and wheel size. Always make sure to check with the manufacturers to see if they’re compatible.