Zwift Hub One + Cog compatibility with Triban RC120

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I would like to have some information before I start purchasing my home trainer.

In fact I own a Triban RC120 road bike with an 8V cassette. I would like to buy the Zwift Hub one with cog mode for shifting. So is my bike fully compatible with the home trainer?

And if this one is compatible should I then make adjustments to the derailleur so that the zwift cog works very well?

Thank you for your help

Yes the bike is compatible, and yes you may need to make minor adjustments to get perfect alignment between the cog and the derailleur.

It looks like the RC120 uses quick release wheels. The quick release adapters are installed on the Zwift Hub at the factory. There have been numerous reports that the adapters are installed too tight and are difficult or impossible to remove. If you think you may ever replace the bike with a thru-axle type bike, you should try removing the adapters and reinstalling them with some lubrication on the threads. If you run into any problems with that, return the trainer and try again, or ask them to replace it with a Kickr Core.

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Thank you for your response and it reassures me to know that my bike is compatible.

Regarding minor adjustments to the derailleurs, is this difficult to do for someone who doesn’t know anything about bike mechanics?

And I will have another question about changing gears to try to align as best as possible, how is this done given that there are no boxes and no wheels on the bike? will the derailleur still work?

Concerning delivery for France, do you know the carrier who takes care of this?

Sorry for these different questions but I want to be sure before investing.

Thank you

Hello @Clemns

We have support articles and videos for getting started with Zwift Hub One on our Support Hub. It’s also available in French if that’s easier for you.

DPDNL is the carrier for France.

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Thank you for your reply. Therefore, if I understood correctly with the help, I should normally make my zwift hub work correctly. Moreover, this one shows how to adjust the derailleur to have perfect alignment if the gear change does not place the pinion perfectly?

Thank you for the identity of the carrier

Thank you

To learn rear derailleur adjustment, this is a good video

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A thing to keep in mind - if your bike is in good working order (i.e. your chain and cassette aren’t worn out, shift cables aren’t rusted, etc), then putting it on ANY trainer should present no issues.

But if the chain has worn out and stretched, and you put that on a trainer with a brand new cog - it’s going to be noisy, maybe even skip on the cog. This is a reality for any trainer, not just the Zwift Hub One.

If you’re doubting your mechanical skills - it’s advisable to take your bike to a good local shop and ask them to service the drivetrain and shifting, and specifically ask them to 1) measure chain wear with a chain wear tool and 2) check derailleur hanger alignment with a hanger alignment tool. If they don’t say “of course, we do that on every tune up” then turn the other way and take it to a different bike shop.

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Thank you for your reply.

Concerning my bike, this one is 6 months old and it has only been driven 200km since purchase because of bad weather and I also have a mountain bike that I use a little more than the road one. As a result, my bike is in good working order so I don’t think I’ll do the service straight away if I can’t adjust the derailleur so that it fits correctly on the cog.

On the other hand, I can’t find the size of the quick release axle on the internet to know if it is 130mm or 135mm so that it is compatible with the hub. Do you know how I can get this information to know if it is compatible with the quick release axle?

And also I would like to know if you have already had feedback on the cog and its use to know if there has ever been any box in the cog or premature wear?

Thank you again

I did not see that on their website either. You can measure the fame spacing yourself between the inside face to the inside face of the dropouts. Alternately, you can contact Decathlon for that information. If it’s a current-production bike in 2024 - I would expect the frame spacing will be 135mm, but that’s just a guess based on what I know about the bike industry.

Okay, so if I understand correctly, I remove the wheel and measure the distance between the two inside ends of the frame?

On the other hand, I just thought of something: my bike has disc brakes, can the brake caliper interfere with the positioning on Zwift Hub? Will I have to remove the caliper to put the bike on the Zwift Hub?

Sorry again for my questions

We agree

Yes, correct. This is how you can determine the frame spacing dimension for yourself.

No, the brake caliper stays right where it is. We have detailed instructions on this Support page.

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Okay, thank you for your two answers. I was wondering this question about the stirrup because since it is very close to the mounting clip I thought it would get in the way and hit or hit the zwift Hub post. I see attached a small photo to show you its location