Budget Bike to pair with Zwift Hub


I’m currently using a Renpho stationary bike with Zwift, and it works well.

However, I’m considering getting a Zwift Hub.

I don’t own a bike, so I’d like advice on what budget bike would work well for me (preferably one I can buy online). I’d also need advice on the cassette that would be appropriate for the bike.



It would help to some degree to know where you are?


Where are you?

What sort of bike do you normally ride (assuming you do)?

What is your idea of “budget”?

Would you consider a used bike?

Do you intend also taking this bike outside and what sort of riding would you be doing?

Ideally, I’d point you to your local bike shop.

Thanks. I’m in Scotland. I don’t ride a bike, and never have. I wouldn’t be taking the bike outside.

Budget? £200 - £250. I’d prefer new. No idea if that is unreasonable or not.

I’m also in Scotland …

Try Decathlon. Their Riverside hybrid bikes should work. I’d spend a bit more to get the 9 speed rather than the 8 speed.

The one downside is that they only have one chainring. If you are a powerful rider then you’d be better with a larger, or double, front chainring. In that case, their Triban RC120 would be worth the bit extra money .

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Thanks. I’m very much a beginner, but the Triban RC120 looks ideal for me.

It says it’s “16 speeds” - which Zwift Hub cassette would that equate to?

Thanks again.


That’s a 2x8 so the 8-speed version of the Hub is what you want.

For what it’s worth, I was going to suggest a Triban road bike from Decathlon as well due to availability and generally being well regarded. It’s a “budget” bike but great bang for the buck. The RC120, grey, with 2x8 Microshift groupset is £349 which is about as low as you can expect.

Another option to strongly consider if you never intend to use it outdoors: a “parts bike.” You can even walk into a Decathlon store and ask for one - they had a few at my local store during peak-COVID due to supply chain issues. It doesn’t even need brakes, or a rear wheel. Local bike shops may have parts bikes they can equip you with if you tell them it’ll just be a trainer bike.

Result is you might get “more bike” for your money - something with 9-speed Sora, 10-speed Tiagra, or 11-speed 105 components. (buy the bike before the Zwift Hub or get the Hub without a cassette and have the bike shop put a cassette on - the cassette included with the Hub is low quality anyway and one from the store will be quieter and shift better)

Make sure whatever you get has a double front chainring - you want the extended gear range of 2x in front, otherwise you’ll spin out on an indoor trainer. (some of the Triban road bikes are 1x up front)

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That’s the 8 speed cassette. 2 x front rings, gives you a choice of 16 gears in total.

Thanks to both of you. I know nothing about bikes, so you’ve been very helpful, especially with regard to the cassette.

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Hey Matt - your criteria for a bike is exactly the same as mine - did you buy the RC120 & Zwift hub and if so would you recommend?

thanks, Garrett

Hi, yes I got that setup, and I’ve been very happy with it.


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great - your question about which casette also cleared up that little mystery for me - now I’m off to tell my wife that if Matt in Scotland can have one then Garrett in France can have one too :grinning: Thanks

Sounds like a plan!