Direct connection to Elite Rizer for up/down movement

As the lucky owner of a brand new Elite Rizer, I’m a bit dissapointed at how it’s NOT really supported by Zwift. I mean, the steering part works great (much like an Elite Sterzo), but there is nothing in the Zwift setup that connects the Climbing feature of the Elite Rizer to Zwift.
The Elite Rizer actually needs to have an Elite trainer, as that will retransmit the gradient to the Elite Rizer.
For my Tacx NEO, it calculates the probable incline from the info that the NEO sends out (power/speed and combines that with rider weight).
It kinda works, but I really wish the Zwift application itself would send out the gradient to the Elite Rizer, which should be easy as it already uses the Elite Rizer for steering.

Bit disappointed too. I am strugling too to understand how the elite rizer app can be parametered to reflect the slope displayed on zwift.
Be careful with your neo2 which is not compatible with up/down movements of your frame on the HT