Direct connection to Elite Rizer for up/down movement

Hey Gordon, could you help me finding the right size(s) for what I need? I have my race and my tri bike with a standard quick release but also want to start using my MTB (148x12) on my Neo using the Rizer. I’ll order for both then simultaneously.

Thanks a lot for your support and guidance on this.

Hi, I have just got the same set up, neo 2t and elite rizer. Could you please share the size/part number used for the bearings/washers? I’m using a synapse alloy frame with rim brakes, it was cheap and fits me.

Is it 5mm ID and 21mm OD?

Any that do not require machining? Would a needle bearing work?

2 washers each side of the drop outs with grease?

Hope they get the direct link to Zwift for the rizer if that helps :slight_smile:

Sorry, could not see a way to directly message.

Trying these out, I’ll keep you posted.